Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Step back, milestone forward

Alaina enjoying the sun 5/10/10 Bella's loving it :) 5/10/10

The last couple days it feels as if I went back a couple steps on my path to recovery. I haven't had one day of sciatica relief and now the pain is radiating to the front. I'm going to have to call the doctor tomorrow to make sure I didn't do anything serious. It's so hard to heal when you have two lil ones to care for.

Matt took off enough work and I only feel comfortable with people who know my dog Duke, so that don't leave me many options. I didn't think it would take this long since it wasn't a fusion. Boy was I wrong :/

Yesterday, I took turns with the girls. While Bella took her nap, Alaina and me went outside to play. Alaina don't care for bugs much. She got bit by one of those orange ladybugs and is now afraid of all bugs. You often hear her talk about ladybugs biting her to. Poor girl. Thanks to that ladybug who traumatized my daughter:/ I'm trying to show her that some are nice though, but she won't have it.

When Alaina took her nap, Bella and I went out to enjoy the beautiful day. She takes everything in and you can tell that she's going to be one smart cookie. I loved spending some quality time with each one of my girls.
Alaina and her ant buddies lol!

The lovely ant who took some of Alaina's crumbs back home :)

Bella enjoying the sun 5/10/10

Today, was a different story. It was rainy and I was in more pain. We just took an easy and watched movies. Bella said her first word today, or so I thought :) I was folding clothes when Bella started to whine. Then all of a sudden she said, Bah Bah Ga Ga. I was like WHAT!!! Of course I had to call Matt and tell him.

After I told him he said, "Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that yesterday (May 10th 2010)she was saying ma ma." WHAT!!! Are you serious? How do you forget something that BIG! LOL! No more than 5 minites after I got off the phone with Matt, she started saying Ma Ma! I started to tear up.

It's the greatest feeling in the world to watch your daughter hit a milestone. My 2 1/2 year old is potty trained and my 7 month old is now talking. Bella babbled a couple months ago, but you couldn't tell what she was saying like now, so I'm going by now. Either way my babies are growing up so fast.

Alaina was joining in the fun and trying to get Bella to say Alaina. It was so cute! All day I got to listen to Bella's baby talk. There's no medicine better than that :)

Bella swinging 5/10/10
Bella and Alaina 5/11/10 5/10/10 5/10/10 Alaina loved the "Just because" gift I gave her on our lil picnic :) 5/10/10 The sun was shining bright 5/10/10 5/10/10 So cute!
Bella talking at the end 5/11/10