Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a miserable week

Monday I had my surgery and have been miserable since. All I want to do is lay around and nap. I woke up from my surgery in horrible pain. I thought he did something wrong because the pain was still going down my right leg.

He explained to me that he had to go through degenerative tissue, bone spurs and muscle in order to get to the nerve, so it was going to be swollen for awhile, but once the swelling goes down then I will have sciatica relief. The good thing is once he cleaned all that away from my discs, he only had to do a discectomy on the one disc, because the buldging one went back in place. Now it better just stay that way.

The morphine pump made me sick all night, and the doctor's assistant didn't know how to measure the dilaudid through a pump so I had to deal with the morphine until morning! Maybe he should go back to school. My Aunt Angie was working while I was there. She's a nurse and offered to change my dressing, which was thoughtful of her. Then she taught Matt and I how to do it at home. I went home tuesday afternoon.

When I talked to Alaina on the phone before they picked me up, she asked if I was still at the doctors and I said yes and she asked if I still had a boo boo and I said yes. Then she said Awwwww poor mommy and I told her that I was coming home today. She said "Awww Great mommy! I will make you some coffee ok?" She's so darn cute. I was just glad to be home with Matt and my girls.

Wednesday is mostly a blurr. I woke up with a horrible migraine. I never had a migraine that bad before. I couldn't even move or my head started pounding. I had tunnel vision, got sick everytime I sat up, my neck hurt, couldn't even take my pain meds, because I was so nausious.

Matt got worried and called the doctor. After a few hours he finally called back and told him it wasn't uncommon to get a migraine after a surgery like that, because your body is going through a stressful situation. He said it could be from the anesthesia to and for me to try taking my pain meds and sleep it off. I did end up falling asleep around 2pm and woke up around 10pm feeling much better. I was sad because I had plans to make enchiladas and churros with Alaina for Cinco de Mayo. Better luck next year.

Our new laptop and router came in, which was the highlight of my day. I love it! It's making my healing process much more enjoyable and broke at that lol! Keep finding myself on ebay buying more summer clothes/dresses for the girls, since there's not much more I can do right now. If only I could cuddle with Matt and the girls all day.

Today, I'm feeling a lil better than yesterday. I've been moving around and even managed to get a shower without Matt's help. I'm sure he wasn't complaining, but it's nice to have some privacy lol! Kathy and Anne came over to help me out, which was greatly appreciated. Thanks again! My swing came in today to! I can't wait for Matt to set it u,p so I can try it out.

I woke up to my sweet hubby handing me a homemade lemonade icee. It was delicious. Then later on my dad came over with Ethan to watch the Pens game,which was nice. Matt made chilli dogs, wings and cheese fries. Just the thought of it made me sick in the stomach, but I did have a few fries later on.

These meds make me sick in the stomach to. I just can't win, but I did lose another 1.5lbs lol! Gotta look on the bright side right? :/ I miss going to the park with my girls and going to Zumba. Well goodnight everyone. Hopefully each day will get easier and easier, so I can get back in the groove of things.

I'm excited, because tomorrow Matt is taking me to Zales to get a wrap and band for my wedding ring, if I feel up to it. Now that some of our income tax came in he said that it's about time he got me the band he's been wanting. I'm happy with the one I have now, but he's determined to prove someone wrong who said at our wedding that I'd have the same one at our 50th wedding anniversary after he told her that he plans on getting me a different band lol! It's hard to find something that looks good with a yellow diamond, so we found this one wrap they have that includes a band also. We shall see tomorrow hopefully. :)


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope you heal quickly, Ash. That sounds horrible.
Hopefully a new band/wrap will cheer you up a bit! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks Stef and yes it did cheer me up! When I put it on, it brought tears to my eyes, but they were happy tears :) Zales had the same one but it didn't fit a wider head of a cut that mine is, so we went to Littman Jewelers. The had the exact same ring we saw at Zales, but this one actually fit. It was sooo weird and the product number begins with my favorite number, 56. I took it as a sign. Only thing was this place wanted $300 more than Zales for it, so I told them the only way we'd take it is if they can give us the same price and they did! I couldn't believe it! Made my day for sure and Matt keeps talking about it to lol! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.