Friday, May 21, 2010

Day at the zoo 5/20/10

A day at the zoo with my girls 5/20/10

Yesterday (May 20th 2010) was Bella's first time at the zoo. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and perfect day. Alaina was so excited to see the baby elephants and the giraffes. She told Bella like 100 times that we were going to see the animals and Bella just smiled in confusion :)

I wasn't sure if I should go without Matt, since my back isn't up to par just yet, but I knew that I didn't want to stay in when it was as nice as it was, so I said what the heck, let's give it a whirl lol!

Before we got there the girls got to see their first train. We sat at the light while each cart was pulled one by one and the guy hanging out the window waved to us. It was so neat.

I said a lil prayer before we got there for things to go nice and smooth for me and God answered them, because other than walking into the men's room not once, but twice, it went as smooth as butter. ;)

One of the obstacles I wasn't looking forward to was the whole bathroom situation lol! Luckily they had big enough stalls that I could just push my double stroller into and take turns with me and the girls. It was awesome!

Another thing I was worried about was my back hurting. I took my meds right before we pulled in, which helped. There were like 50 school buses when we pulled in. I was worried that it would be really packed with all the kiddos on their field trips, but luckily they were all getting ready to leave when we arrived around noon. It was like we had the whole zoo to ourselves.

5/20/10 Alaina throwing coins and making wishes

Before my back really hurt, Bella fell asleep and it was time to look at the fish, so I was able to give my back a break from lifting. It was wonderful how well things fell in place for me. Thank God for giving me this special day with my girls!

Many of the animals would come to see Alaina. You would have thought she was Snow White. The animals were all out and close to, so the girls got a good look. Bella still don't know what's going on, but she did get excited when she saw the animals especially the sea lions and fish. :)

5/20/10 Alaina and Bella checking out the sea lions.

We stopped and got icecream to. I wish I video of Bella eating it, because it was hilarious. She had this sour look as if she was eating a lemon, but it was from the coldness of it. She continued to whine for more though :)

We got home around 5pm and the girls slept the whole way home, so they were ready for round two lol. Matt spent some time playing with them while I cut the grass on the tractor. I find cutting the grass to be relaxing, so every once in awhile I will ask Matt to let me do it.

We ended our wonderful day renting The Tooth Fairy and eating popcorn. That movie was really cute. Alaina actually watched the whole thing to. Like I said, I couldn'y have asked for a more perfect day. Hope to have many more to come.

5/20/10 The elephants and yes the one is going potty lol!

At the zoo 5/20/10
With my girls at the zoo 5/20/10
Alaina watching the kangaroo eat
Watch out Bella! There's a live polar bear in there haha

Alaina at the zoo

Alaina wouldn't go down the slide until we did and now I know why.(Watch video below)
Alaina going down the slide :/

Checking out the sea lions
With my girls at the zoo 5/20/10
Bella enjoying the zoo lol! 5/20/10
Penguins coming to check out Alaina 5/20/10
Anyone hungry for Lobster?
Turtle coming to see Alaina 5/20/10
Alaina checking out the Dragon fish
Alaina checking out the fish
Alaina following the peacock

Alaina insisted on seeing the "BIG birdie" 5/20/10
Chilling with the monkeys :) 5/20/10
At the zoo 5/20/10

At the zoo 5/20/10

At the zoo 5/20/10

Alaina showing some love :)

Bella's first time at the zoo 5/20/10
Alaina checking out the elephants
Mommy and baby
Girls by the ant hill and I thought it was a big pile of poo all this time lmao!

Checking out the tigers
Hey good looking

Bella's first time at the zoo 5/20/10
Alaina tried telling me that Bella made this mess haha
Sweet angel 5/20/10


Bella in her shades
My girls 5/20/10
Bella almost 8 months 5/20/10
Bye for now :)


Shannon said...

So precious! Looks like y'all had a blast. Love that Bella is waving goodbye...Just found your blog through Lexie Loo and Dylan too...looking forward to reading more. I have a 10 month old baby girl, Gillian Grace. Girls are so fun, can't wait to read about life with 2.