Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 13-14th 2010

5/14/10 My girls

Wow! Where do I begin? I've been so busy these past few days. Thursday and friday my mother in law came over to help me with the girls. We've been blessed with beautiful weather, so thursday we took the girls to the park then got some lunch.
gram pushing Alaina on the swing 5/13/10
I was surprised to see that we were the only ones there. Shortly after though, the lil ones were arriving one by one and Alaina had her buddies to play with.

When Matt got home I went shopping and took a walk. I had a 30% off coupon for Gymboree and a 20% off coupon for TCP, so I ended up getting a bunch of items for the girls. They are now set for Summer.

I'm most excited to give Alaina her horse purse I bought from Gymboree. Alaina saw it online and loved it so much. Maybe next time we go to the barn, I will surprise her with it. :)

If I thought my day couldn't be any nicer, my wonderful hubby surprises me by having my new swing put together when I got home. We just sat on the swing together and enjoyed the cool breeze while the girls were in bed. It was a wonderful thursday.
Girls on new swing 5/16/10
5/16/10 Girls trying out the new swing

Alaina on the swing

Friday, my mother in law and I took the girls to the barn. It was another beautiful day. Alaina was a bit shy at first, but once she got used to the horses and all the sounds they made she was back to her giddy self.

Bella was amazed by the horses. When they came close, she got so excited and moved her hands up and down. It was adorable. We have two lil cowgirls on our hands, just like grandma :)

I was so proud of her. She was helping grandma brush the horse, feed them carrots and walk Diamond. Before long she was asking to ride her, but it was time to leave, so we told her next time.

Walking Diamond Gram showing Alaina how to brush Diamond Walking Diamond Checking out the baby horses The horses didn't know what to think of Bella :) Alaina loved that cat and the cat must have felt the same, because she jumped in our car and didn't want to get back out lol! Alaina wanted gram to get a paper towel, so poor Diamond didn't have flies on her. My baby thinks paper towels and baby wipes are the solution to everything lol! 5/14/10 Gram taking Alaina in to see Diamond Walking Diamond She's a pretty horse Grandma the cowgirl :) At the barn Alaina :) Bella loved the horses Bella with mommy Alaina the cowgirl Some of the beautiful horses there Brushing Diamond Love this pic Bella checking out the horses Alaina brushing Diamond with Gram My girls :) Bella with mommy at the barn Alaina and gram walking Diamond 5/14/10 5/14/10 Bella's first time at the barn 5/14/10 Picking flowers 5/14/10 Bella giving the grass a taste At the barn 5/14/10 5/14/10 Smelling the flowers She's so cute! 5/14/10 5/14/10 5/14/10 5/14/10 Bella boo What a beautiful day 5/14/10 Alaina with mommy 5/14/10 Peek a boo, I see you :) Love her Alaina with her gram at the barn 5/14/10
Brushing Diamond 5/14/10

After the girls took their naps, it was time for my best friend Ashley and her husband, Matt to arrive. They made us stromboli for dinner and I got her a birthday cake for dessert.

Ashley is the sweetest person. She always comes bearing gifts. She made me the cutest Mother's Day frame with pics of me and the girls. I just love it so much!
The beautiful frame Ashley made me :)

She also brought diapers and baby food for Bella, a pink and brown magnet frame for the fridge and this learning dvd for Alaina.

On top of all that, Ashley made us lasagna, chicken parmesan, chicken salad and of course wings, so I don't have to worry about cooking for a few days, since it's taking a bit longer to heal than expected. How awesome is that! Thanks Ashley! You and Matt are a Godsend xoxo

We spend the night watching the beautiful movie, The Blind Side, singing Happy Birthday to Ashley and just enjoying eachothers company. It was another wonderful friday spend with friends and family.

Ashley with Bella Ashley with Alaina With Alaina and Ashley Alaina with her buddy Matt 5/14/10 With my bff and Alaina 5/14/10 Alaina with Matt again 5/14/10 Ashley's cake Happy B-day Ashley!
Happy 25th Birthday Ashley!


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It sounds like you've been busy! I love the pictures of the girls on the swing!