Sunday, May 2, 2010

One eventful weekend

Alaina had a blast with her Auntie Anne 4/29/10

Thursday we went to the park with Anne. It was a nice warm day. After awhile of playing at the park we walked around looking for the perfect grove for Bella's first birthday party. I'm pretty sure we found it :) Then I did some more shopping for the girl's room and other odds and ends. I ended the day with Zumba and cleaning up.

wiggling her way around 4/29/10
Bella 7 months
Girls fell asleep after taking a walk with Anne 4/29/10

Friday I caught up on laundry and painted the girls room some more. When the girls went to bed, Matt played hockey with my brother. It was a nice laid back friday with Matt and the girls. I also ordered a new laptop and router! I'm so excited, because the one we have now, you have to bang the screen in order for the picture to come up lol! Alaina dropped it accidently and hasn't been the same since, so we just use the desktop for now.

Saturday was the March for Babies walk at BC3. It was a beautiful day for a walk. Matt and I earned $350 for our team and our team total was $2945! That's $945 over our goal. Thank you to everyone who took part. Can't wait until next year, so I can take the girls also. They had a great turn out this year and I even got to see my brother, which is always nice.

March of dimes walk 5/1/10
Team Schmidt
Matt and Chris ready to walk
Me and Anne at BC3

After the walk we went to Applebees for lunch and then I did some things that needed to be done before my surgery on monday. It was supposed to rain, but didn't so Anne and Chris ended up talking Matt into having a bonfire. Let's just say it was one CRAZY night :/
Anne chilling by the fire
Alaina cutting grass 5/1/30
Lil Matt with his cousin Bella
5/1/10 Matt laughing at Lil Matt
Don't even ask lol!

Today I'm just taking an easy while Matt is painting some more. He even made me a buffalo chicken salad for dinner. Yummy :p Thank you honey <3

I ordered the porch swing that I've wanted for a long time. I saw it in a magazine awhile back and saved the picture. It's now 30% off and I found another 20% coupon code online, so I just couldn't pass it up. Here is a pic of it.
I look forward to many years swinging while drinking lemonade with Matt and the girls.

Alaina has been doing SOOO good with the potty training. She only had one accident in three days! It's such a great feeling when you accomplish something as big as this. I couldn't be more proud of my big girl. :)

I'm starting to get nervous for tomorrow. I know everything will be fine, but you can't help to worry a little. My doctor actually called me a lil bit ago to see if I had any questions, which helped ease some of my worries. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks so much! God Bless :)


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope your surgery went well today!
It looks like you had a good weekend. Congrats on the successful walk and the potty training!
Make sure you spend a lot of time resting on that gorgeous swing!