Thursday, August 26, 2010

Youghiogheny Lake

Last weekend Matt and I went with a group of friends to Youghiogheny Lake. Did I mention we were kid free? The girls stayed with grandma. Even though I missed my girls desperately, we had such a great time!
Youghiogheny Lake 8/21/10

Our first day consisted of going out on the pontoon boat, tubing, swimming in the lake and enjoying the sunny day out. I never went tubing before, so I was excited to try it out. About a minite into it I was able to flip Matt out of his tube lol.

Matt falling off his tube (thanks to me haha) He enjoyed it too much though :/ lol

The rest of our tubing, Matt tried to get me back, but I think he felt bad and let off a bit, because I know he could very easily lol. Matt failed to put sunscreen on, so his name for the rest of the weekend was lobster haha.
Matt trying to get me back haha
This is why you wear sunscreen lol 8/21/10
Matt sharing some moves lol 8/21/10
Matt and I tubing 8/21/10
I had so much fun!
With the girls 8/21/10
The guys wore their vests like diapers, so they could sit on top of the water and drink their beers lol
Josh, Mike and Matt swimming in the lake 8/21/10
Mrs.Kingsley, Josh and Matt 8/21/10
captain Kate :)
Josh and Sara 8/21/10
the lake
getting ready to go on the boat 8/21/10
Sara and Katie are ready 8/21/10
Katie and Sara 8/21/10
They were so cute out on those tubes :) 8/21/10
After all of Matt's showing off, Mr. Kingsley wanted to test his strength lol! He definately gave us a show :) 8/21/10
He's almost off! haha
Not so tough now are you lol!
You're going down! lol 8/21/10
This pic of Josh and Matt is SOOO funny!
We were laughing so hard. 8/21/10
They were really at it. Look at Matt's foot under the tube lol
Captain Kingsley up to no good haha
Mike's turn
Mike posing haha
Mike putting on a show 8/21/10
Mike tubing 8/21/10
Mike on the jetski

After spending most of the day on the lake, we went back to our friend Kate's camp and ate dinner. Her stepmom makes everything. She makes her own, wine, candy, jelly and what not. For dinner she made delicious chicken, hobo potatoes and corn on the cob. Yummy!

The second day we went back out on the lake, but the pontoon wasn't running up to par, so we ended up dropping it off to the mechanic and called it a day. It was still nice to get out while it lasted. Matt and I need to take more trips like that. Kate's parents told us to come out anytime and that we could bring the girls too. They would love that.
PA/MD state line
The lines along that run across the shore are from them lowering the water
Thanks so much Katie and to your family for allowing us to come out. We had a blast! As I've said many time before, we are truly blessed!

Matt and I out on the pontoon boat. 8/22/10

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