Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Bold & the Beautiful :)

Alaina and Ethan enjoying a burger at pappys' 8/11/10

Yesterday (wednesday), we went swimming at my dads'. Ethan has been asking us to go over every day this week, so I told him wednesday we'd be over. It was a good day to go swimming, with temps in the 90's.

Alaina is loving that water. A bit too much though. On tuesday we went over to Heidi's parents pool to go swimming and Alaina insisted that she take off her float vest. I admire her boldness, and was reluctant to give in, at first...

I'm not the greatest swimmer. I can swim, but wouldn't want to be left alone in the ocean. Matt on the other hand is an awesome swimmer, and I always told him that our daughters will know how to swim.

Well, if I want our girls to feel comfortable in the water, I can't be allowing my fear to show through, SOOO.... I took off her floaties and allowed her to use only the little tube. I didn't allow her to leave my side, but that didn't stop her from feeling like a big girl without her vest. That satisfied smile made it all worthwhile.

Well, since I allowed her to do it the day before, Alaina wanted to do it again. I don't want to get in the habit of this until she knows how to swim well, but I allowed her for a few minites have that "Big girl" feeling once again. She looked so care free, laying her head back and allowing herself to float in the water. I know one day she will be a great swimmer like daddy. Plus the woman down the street is a swim coach and has already offered to give her swimming lessons, when I am ready. :) Maybe next year we will take her up on that.

She's a natural :)

Bella loves that water too!