Monday, August 9, 2010

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

My girls :) 8/9/10

Today Alaina and I added another coat to her other dresser. She was so proud of herself. :) We are SLOWLY getting closer to having Alaina's bedroom finished.

Then we played outside and had a picnic. It was a hot one! I was hoping to take them to the pool, but Alaina fell asleep on the couch around noon! That rarely happens anymore. It's usually around 3-5pm now. At least I got my blogging caught up and some more of Bella's first year movie done.

Tomorrow we are going to try getting the last dresser painted and putting the new fan and wall decor up. Hopefully all goes to plan! Alaina LOVES her bunks though. She climbed the ladder at least 100 times so far and brings her toys in on the bottom bunk to play. I'm glad daddy's hard work paid off :)

Enjoying her bunk beds
Bella joined in 8/9/10

Trying to catch her taking that first step. SO CLOSE!


Chelle said...

Such sweet, sweet pictures!