Friday, August 13, 2010

Bella took her first steps!!!! 8/12/10

Yesterday, my baby girl took her first two steps!!! Matt just got home from work and was having a snack. Bella heard the wrapper and stopped everything she was doing. She then went from one peice of furniture to another to get to daddy.

Well, daddy wasn't going to make it that easy for her. LOL! He moved back a little and showed her the cracker, while she was standing near the couch. Just like that ONE STEP...TWO STEP...cracker in hand :) I'm was screaming, "Matt, she took her first steps!" I was so proud of my baby girl. At 10.5 months Bella took her first "TWO" steps. :D

I was hoping to reenact it, so I could get it on camera, but of course it didn't go as planned. This gives you a little idea how it happened though :) We are SO proud of you Bella blue. We love you!

Trying to reeact Bella's first steps, but got one step in there :) 8/12/10