Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Now I lay me down to sleep....

Monday night was Alaina's first night in her "Big girl" bed. Her room isn't completely done yet, but close enough :)

I've been preparing Alaina for the transition from her crib to her bunks for awhile now. She helped us through the whole remodeling process by picking out the paint, decor, beds and what not. We placed her beds the same way her crib was facing and had her take a nap in her new bed, before we tried the whole night. That went pretty well, so I figured it was time.

I explained to Alaina that Bella REALLY needed to get into her crib, so we could all have a good night sleep and that Bella doesn't like the pac-n-play anymore. She agreed that was Bella's bed now and the bunks were hers, so that part was taken care of.

I wanted to make sure she didn't have any resentment, so I put together a "Big girl" gift bag for. The night before I got her new pjs, Fancy Nancy undies, toothbrush, Snow White story book pillow, Thumbelina dvd and sippy cup. She was now SOOO excited to have her first night sleep in her new bed.
Alaina's "Big girl" bag

Alaina quickly put on her new pjs and undies, brushed her teeth with her new toothbrush, added water to her sippy cup, placed Thumbelina in the dvd player,I read her Snow White and we said our prayers.

Alaina did get up a few times in the beginning. I think she enjoyed the fact that she was no longer behind bars haha. To be honost with you it was pretty easy. I layed with her for a few minites and before I knew it, I was staring at my own lil sleeping beauty.

Then I went in to check on Bella and there layed our second sleeping beauty! Bella did take naps in the crib, so she had an idea what it was all about, but that was the first time Bella slept through the whole night! Every night she would wake up at least once to eat, but that night she didnt. My babies are growing up.

Do I look tired to you? 8/16/10
Mommy you're funny. 8/16/10

Alaina did wake up one time to go potty, but that was it! Matt and I were so proud of our girls, and it was amazing waking up the following morning feeling refreshed :)

Yesterday morning I wanted to reward the girls, so I took them out for breakfast and to the zoo. We never get tired of seeing those animals. It's beautiful to watch Alaina show her lil sis all the animals and Bella moves her hands and feet back and forth with excitement. I had such a wonderful day with my girls. I am truly blessed :)

Alaina's checking out her new pillow book
Excited to watch Thumbelina

Ready for bed :)

Reading Alaina her bedtime story in her new bed 8/16/10
She's playing with her ear, you know what that means ;)

love her
Sweet dreams Alaina and Bella
Goodmorning love 8/17/10
Goodmorning sweetpea
Feeling refreshed haha 8/17/10
"Alaina you slept the whole night in your new bed!" She was proud of herself :)
Sunny day at the zoo
Alaina with the Tiger 8/17/10
Tiger 8/17/10
Checking out the Komodo dragon


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That's great that she did so well in her bed! It's been going really well for Lexie, too. I thought it was going to be awful after that 2 hour cry-fest, but she never got out of bed, and tonight, she fell asleep with no problem. Phew! I love the idea of the gift bag. It's a great bribery tool! ;)