Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday

Alaina helping Becca at her lemonade stand 7/26/10

On July 26th Matt's mom had a yard sale. We along with a few others went over to help. She ended up selling a lot, which made all that hard work worthwhile. Now she needs some more positive outcomes. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks.

For dinner, Anne and Chris came with us to my favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze. Love that place! I was told that they are putting one in Cranberry soon! I'm SOOO excited :)

It was a fun night with good food and much needed drinks ;) Becca and James went back to MD the following day. They were here for two weeks. They seemed to really enjoy themselves in PA. Hope to see them again soon. Goodnight everyone!

Nap time
Alaina and daddy at Bahama Breeze
Anne tickling Chris haha 7/26/10
Lemonade anyone? :)