Monday, August 9, 2010

Mustang Sunday

On Sunday, Alaina and I went out for lunch after church. I loved having quality time with my lil cupcake. We then went shopping for fall wear. Alaina's just like mommy when it comes to clothes and accessories. She was trying on everything and having a blast filling up our cart. It's hard saying no when she looks so darn cute lol!

When we got home it was time for Alaina to go with gram to the barn, while daddy went to work on the Mustang. What a great day to wear her mustang shirt :) Daddy was so proud to pass down the Dailys' love for Mustangs. ;)

The house was pretty quiet with just Bella and myself, so we went for a walk, played for awhile and then she watched me paint Alaina's dresser. She is so close to walking. I love watching her attempt that first step. She stands there with this big smile then jumps for that first step, only landing on her bum. How exciting it is waiting for that precious moment my baby walks. The joys of motherhood :)

8/7/10 Having a lolly

Love her!
Bella 10.5 months
8/6/10 How can you not smile to that face? :)