Monday, August 2, 2010

"On the beach, you can live in bliss."

I LOVE THE BEACH!!! I keep trying to convince Matt that we should move there, but no luck as of yet lol. Last Thursday we left for Virginia Beach. Matt only had so many vacation days left, so we went on a "micro vacation" as my husband puts it. :) It was four days of pure bliss though.

Even our trip down was fun. Wish it was a bit quicker, but what do you expect with three girls and traffic ;) Ended up being a 9 hour trip! The girls were so good though. They took naps throughout and when they were awake they played with toys and watched movies on thier personal dvd players. Thank GOD for that! I don't know what I was worried about :)

On the way down
Watching movies 7/29/10

The closer we got to Virginia Beach, the more traffic we got into. We just missed the huge storm that took place, but it wasn't long before the sun came back out and there it stayed! Honostly, God answered my prayers for a nice, smooth, fun-filled trip.

The day before we left was nothing like that! I just missed the UPS man who had my camera, so a nice woman who worked at UPS tracked him down for me so I could get it. I met him right down the road. I was so excited to open it up, until I saw the EOS 50D rather the Canon T2I :( Are you kidding me? It was my fault, because I did somehow choose the wrong package, so I had to just leave it at home.

Then I called Home Depot to see where my livingroom carpet was and they said it was cancelled! I didn't cancel it though! Now I'm going to have to wait another 10-14 days for it to be put in. *Sighs*

If all that wasn't bad enough, I then go online to view my bank acct. to see that my paypal payment wasn't refunded for a different camera I bought, before the T2i. It was to take 3-5 business days, and it was a week now, so it should have been in there.

Well, there was some misunderstanding on PNC's part, so I had to go to PNC dispute the transaction to get that money back into my acct. and have them take care of it. Try doing that with two cranky kiddos :/ Not fun!

As you can imagine, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to go on vacation. I even tried leaving that night, but we both ended up falling asleep.

At least our vacation was nothing like wednesday. The weather was sunny, but not too hot, perfect for the girls. The girls loved the beach. I mean LOVED it! I thought Alaina would get bored after awhile, but that was not the case.

Alaina on the beach 7/30/10
Bella loving it
Alaina and daddy
Bella and mommy
Bella watched in amazement
Matt with the girls

Enjoying some custard
She's so funny
Daddy getting the sand off Alaina's face
Matt trying to get a cleavage shot. Men! lol
Chasing birds
Alaina loving it
Bella's first time on the beach 7/30/10 She loved it!
Alaina and daddy enjoying the ocean 7/30/10
Enjoying the sound of the waves
First day on the beach
Alaina said mommy take a pic of the dolphin, so I did :)
With my girls
Bella 7/30/10
Bella and mommy 7/30/10
Bella is so happy :)
Trying on the glasses she found of Ethans lol 7/31/10
Having a good ol time
Checking out the view
Alaina with mommy 7/30/10
Someone is ready for a nap ;)
"The sun is shiny mommy."
Showing Alaina the ocean for the first time. 7/30/10
playing in the sand
loving the beach

Alaina's first time playing with the beach sand 7/30/10
She didn't know what to think of that fake fish up on the wall lol
Bed head haha
Sleeping beauty
With Bella on the beach 7/30/10
Loving the sand
Ready to sink her feet in that sand! 7/30/10
Daddy with the girls
She loved those fish

The girls first time at the beach 7/30/10

chasing birds
feeling the sand 7/30/10

Bella moved her hands and feet back and forth in the sand and they both giggled in the ocean. I thought Alaina would be scared to go in the ocean, but she loved it! Bella laughed each time we jumped when the tide would come. It was adorable: )

Alaina giggled when the tide pulled her back in, because her feet would get stuck in the sand and I would have to pull her back up. lol

We ate at some really nice restaurants. The first night we ate at Abbey Road, which was full of The Beatles memorabilia and this guy who sang their songs. We had a lot of fun there.

On Friday, I think I may have had the best Chicken salad ever. It was at A Romantic setting on the ocean. Couldn't have asked for a more finer evening with my family. <3

Another place we ate at was Matt got this Maui cooked Chesapeake Style – Topped with crabmeat, Smithfield Ham & BĂ©arnaise Sauce. Yummy!

Planet Pizza was fun too. It had all these alien statues and pictures of previous UFO sightings. Matt had a field day. If you know my husband, then you know his obsession with his alien shows lol.

Every night we walked the strip and shopped. It was very alive on the weekend. People everywhere. We stopped to see SpongeBob, hear a Patsy Cline tribute, got ice cream, listen to other bands along the street and watched fireworks.

The girls loved all the attention they got while we pushed them in the stroller and this one guy even asked to take their pic for the next VB visitors catalogue, so next time you go, you may see them in there. :)

On Saturday, we took the girls to the Virginia Aquarium. It had so many neat things for the kids and the animals were just beautiful. Alaina even pet the python snake! I was hesitant at first, ya ya I know ;), but after Matt teased me a lil that Alaina did and I wouldn't, I gave in. It was very soft. :)

Virginia Beach Aquarium 7/31/10

Virginia Beach Aquarium 7/31/10
Looking out over the deck at the aquarium
View from the deck
I was so proud of Alaina for petting the snake! 7/31/10

Alaina and Bella 7/31/10
Virginia Aquarium
Virginia Beach Aquarium 7/31/10
The Cobra :/
Checking out the cobra

Petting the python
Bella checking out the turtles 7/31/10
Bella blue

Then it was back to the beach, dinner, walking the boardwalk and shopping. The girls were beat after all that!

building a sand castle
Bella enjoying her vacation ;)
She's so cute
Gotta love that smile!

"Mommy take a pic of my sandy feet."
Virginia Beach

Daddy bury me haha

She thought it was so funny :)
Loving that sand

Matt enjoying it

Virginia Beach 7/31/10

She wanted to go back in 7/31/10
Sleeping beauty #1
Sleeping Beauty #2

Sunday it was time to go home :( We all wanted to stay so bad, and even thought about staying one more night, but the weatherman was calling for rain, so we decided to just pack up and go.

Bella and Daddy enjoying the beach one last time before we gotta go 8/1/10
8/1/10 With my girls
Showing daddy her seashells
Virginia Beach in the morning
Alaina taking some sand home on her feet :)
The girls with daddy

Chasing birds
8/1/10 Alaina's footprints in the sand

brushing the sand off her cute lil hands

Mommy with her girls

Alaina and Bella waved bye bye to the ocean and Alaina kept asking why we had to say bye. :( I promised her next year we would go and maybe even Disney World to see all the princesses and Mickey Mouse. That turned her frown upside down lol :)

Waving Bye to the beach
Bella waved bye bye too :)
Saying, "Bye Ocean."

I can't wait to go to Florida next year and my dad wants to take a family beach trip also, so we may get to go twice! Matt will have three weeks of vacation starting next year too! I have so much to look forward to. I must say the girls' first trip to the beach was nothing but blissful. I am so blessed! I wish everyone the same <3