Thursday, January 20, 2011

TV Tuesday

On Tuesday Alaina's big girl tv/dvd came in. Boy when they said pink, they weren't kidding. It's more like hot pink, which matches her room nicely, so I was happy. Alaina just loves it. It wasn't long before she was popping in dvds. :)

Her excited face haha

She's getting so big!

Bella loves her Pooh tv/dvd also. Her reaction to it after her nap was priceless! I wish I took my camera with me to share it, but let's just say she LOVED it haha. I try to limit the amount of tv they watch during the day, so they don't turn into couch potatoes, but I see nothing wrong with watching a movie before bed. It's a nice way to wind down. :) Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!
Can't leave out Bella boo. Here's a couple pics from Sunday I believe.


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That is REALLY pink, lol!!!