Monday, January 31, 2011

Kathy's 60th Birthday Party

On the 23rd we all threw a surprise party for my mother-in-law Kathy's 60th Birthday party. I think she was pretty surprised from the look on her face haha. Matt asked her to come watch the girls while "we went over to his friends to watch the game." She has a busy schedule, so it was hard to find a day that would work for everyone, but it ended up being a great day for it. :)

Before she arrived, we had everyone come early and we parked their cars down the street, so she didn't see them. Then we all hid in the dining room. It turned out to be a great party and the Steelers won! Whahoo! She even got a new toilet haha! Now that's a gift that keeps on giving lol! I hope you enjoyed your 60th Birthday party Kathy. Much love.

Alaina is ready for grandma's party to start.

Anne and Bella waiting for the party to start

Landon excited about Great Grandma's b-day

Happy Birthday to Gram, Happy Birthday to Gram!

Watching the game

Annette, Landon and Bella

Kathy's 60th Birthday party


Who is responsible for this? haha

My son is a HUGE fibber lol!

Bella with her gram the b-day girl

You know you wana share with me gama ;)

Alaina and Ethan enjoying some yummy food


Wanna share with me?

Ethan loves parties

Landon with his pappy

Matt, Alaina and me

With my great nephew Landon

Make a wish!

The b-day girl gets to cut the first piece

Landon with Daisy

Bella with her cousin Matt

Playing with Daisy

A toilet!

What she always wanted lol!

She's dreaming of it now haha

So is Alaina

And Bella

Happy Birthday Kathy/mom!