Monday, January 31, 2011

Slumber Party With Mommy

Last Friday I decided to have a slumber party with my girls. Matt had hockey that night and work the following morning, so I thought it would be a fun thing to do with them. Before that I got Panera Bread for dinner and did a lil shopping at Target.

I found these adorable sleeping bag backpacks that came with headband lights on sale. I just had to get them for our special night. The girls got all giddy when they opened them up. They kept rolling around on them and laughing. Made me feel good.

I also got these cute lil pink heart lights for Alaina's room, since she missed her Christmas lights. Every night after we took them down, she asked where they were, so I wanted to find some that would look cute in her room. Matt put them around her hutch, which turned out great. Thanks honey!

Pic not straight lol

When I got home, I told Alaina to grab all of your blankets, pillows, favorite books and stuffed animals, because we were going to have a slumber party in the livingroom. She LOVED the idea! I was hoping that we could use her princess tents and pretend that we were camping, but Bella thought they looked better down than up, so we ended up putting them away haha. :)

We stayed up late watching Beauty and the Beast and Nanny Mcphee. We also brushed eachother's hair (my head is pretty raw, because Alaina insisted on using her "special" brush.) Have not a clue what's so special about that darnTinkerbell brush lol!

Then I painted Alaina's nails, read a couple books and ate popcorn. It was a wonderful Friday night spent at home with my girls. Bella even fell asleep with us, which I didn't think would happen but in her crib. I woke really sore, but it was so worth it! They can brighten anyones day. <3


Alaina jumping around


My angels


Bella LOVES popcorn



Sleeping Beauty


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It looks like they had a lot of fun!