Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I feel that this one was one of our better ones overall. I mean a couple things happened before that could have put a damper on it, but it didn't. As many know my mom died on Christmas 6 years ago and Matt's dad passed two days after Christmas 3 years ago and two pets passed around then also, so this time of the year you can't help to miss these loved ones even more. This year everyone was happy and in high spirits, which made things so much easier.

Matt and I had so much fun with the girls this year. Bella is more aware than last and the look on their faces, when they got up was priceless. The first thing Alaina did was look at the milk, cookies and carrots. Then she ran to our bedroom and yelled, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk and his reindeer ate the carrots!" It was soooo freaken cute! lol

Bella just looked at all of those gifts with confusion. Once they started opening them, there was no stopping her though. She wanted them all open right then and there. Alaina had a few opened by sissy on accident, but she didn't seem to mind because she got to help her as well.

Santa came!

Showing Bella that Santa came

Bella is ready to go haha

Let's get this party started :)

Merry Christmas Alaina and Bella!
All of that time and hard work was so worth it after seeing those surprised faces with each gift they opened. Matt and I just smiled at eachother, because it was just so awe-inspiring. I couldn't help to get giddy on what the future held for us at that moment.

There were our two little girls with their own identities. They are so different, but get along so well. Alaina is bashful yet very animated and Bella is outgoing and full of humor. And even though their personalities are different they are still very much alike. It was amazing how they included eachother with every gift that was opened. Bella would walk over to her sissy and show her what she got and Alaina would yell for Bella to come look what Santa brought her. Then they would sit there and share without even thinking about it. It just amazed me how blessed we are. :)

opening gifts on Christmas
Look at that expression lol! Love it!

How did Santa know I wanted that one?

Bella also liked it hahah

Are you sure you got me this daddy? ;)

Giving sissy the gift she got her

Opening the gift sissy got her

They got eachother baby princess dolls

Breyer horse barn

She loves her babies

A barbie mustang
Daddy got me hockey skates!

Bella and mommy

Look at that mess!

Mommy got me a camera!

and a barbie carriage/hot air balloon


Enjoying her mustang
Taking pics at the same time :)

Matt playing some angry birds

Enjoying her castle

She's a natural

In their Christmas dresses

Matt's gift for me came on Christmas Eve, which he was thrilled about, until he looked at the box. That box looked like someone dropped it off a tall building and it landed in the snow, then taped back shut. I felt so bad, because he was upset that my surprise was ruined, but I didn't care. I was more excited that I would eventually be getting one. It turned out to be a good thing though, because that one was out of stock, so they gave us a much better one for the same price.

This is how the box arrived on Christmas Eve
Bella seemed to enjoy it lol!
Then the inside was even worse. Everything was wet or cracked

Matt also surprised me with a beautiful gift at the bottom of my goodie-filled stocking. I couldn't believe he remembered that one little comment I made months ago about how pretty that necklace was on tv. I love it so much! Then to make it even more meaningful, he wrote how he got me this necklace, because I hold the key to his heart and forever will. I couldn't help to tear up after reading that. Oh! and the girls got me a really nice dress coat that fits me nicely. I am one lucky lady. <3

The necklace Matt got me. Thanks honey <3

The girls got their daddy a Pens shirt and a Steelers hat that he liked. He wears that hat everyday now, even to bed! I'm thinking about hiding it from him haha. I got him some work boots, dvds, Ford mats for his truck and a internet tablet. He uses my Ipod all the time and I thought this would be neat, because he can just sit on the couch and play games and what not on a 10" screen rather a 2". I'm glad I did, because he uses that thing everyday too. He's now obsessed with the scanner app he downloaded. Lol! It is a pretty neat device. I just started downloading books to. At least it won't sit and collect dust.

Anyways, after the gifts were opened and I made Christmas breakfast for everyone, we got ready for my Grandma Ross's house. My dad's side of the family is HUGE!!! It's really nice to see everyone and let's just say there's never a dull moment haha. I love the craziness of it all though. That's what the holidays are all about haha. Plus my sister got to be with us for the day. :)

Bella with her Great Aunt Deb and Great Uncle Tim
Bella with her Uncle Justin
Bella with her cousin Steph
Alaina and Lexi, the Christmas princesses

Then it was to my dad's house for dinner and to exchange gifts. It was a nice way to let our bellies settle and relax.The girls got spoiled once again. Ethan loved his gifts as well. While the kiddos were occupied trying them out we watched Christmas movies and chatted among eachother.

Ethan opening gifts

Alaina with her Aunt Kelly
Another Christmas Princess
Thank you pappy for the activity table, sweeper and slide!

Alaina with Aunt Kelly

Thank for for the Leapster and games pappy!

Ethan and Uncle Matt
Bella loves Lucky

We got dad a GPS for Christmas, so now he can stop talking to himself lol!

He liked it :)

With my girls

Bella and mommy

Ethan and Uncle Justin

My brother on Christmas

She cracks me up
My family :)

Poor Bella

Alaina and Daddy

Lastly, it was to my Uncle Joey and Aunt Angie's house. My Grandma Durci was there also. We are always amazed by the talent that family has. They can do just about anything. Matt calls them the Waltons haha. The girls enjoyed playing with their cousins Tanner and Clay and opening more gifts, while we mingled and ate some more. It truly was a wonderful Christmas.

Alaina with her 2nd cousins Clay and Tanner

Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for surrounding us with your loving spirit on your VERY special day and every day after that. I love you.


Jules said...

Great pictures! I love that you have the girls in matching jammies and dresses. There is nothing I love more than dressing my girls alike! Happy New Year!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great pictures! It was nice to see you on Christmas!