Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two days, two trips to the ER :(


Ok, I wrote about Alaina's first trip to the ER on Sunday. Well, monday Bella decided to even it up and have her first trip to the ER as well. Let's just say these past couple of days have been far from easy :(

Bella was jumping away in her jumper and BANG! She bumped her mouth while jumping. I walked over to comfort her brief cry, convinced by her smile that she was ok.

Then when I looked over at her again she was smiling at me with a mouthful of blood! Ahhhhh! I never ran so fast in my life lol!

The jumper. Now I'm hesitant to put her back in it, but she loves it. :/

Both of my girls take pain very well. I didn't even know when Alaina teethed. One day I looked and three were coming in at the same time. Well, Bella must take after her sissy.

When I looked into her mouth, I saw that she detached the frenulum. (part that attaches the gum to the upper lip)Her two front teeth were swollen as well. :(

I called her pediatrician and they got me in that day. Once she looked into her mouth, she advised me that Bella may have damaged the nerve holding in the left tooth, so she wanted me to take her to Childrens.

That was my first time at Childrens and boy is it nice. Bella loved staring at the bubble wall. The doctor looked into her mouth and said that she don't see any signs of nerve damage, but to keep an eye for discoloration.

If her tooth were to change color, that could mean it's going to fall out. So far so good. The frenulum will just have to heal on it's own she said. I'm glad about that, because I didn't want Bella to get stitches if she didn't need to.

She's one tough cookie. You would never know she hurt herself, after all the biting and chewing she's doing. I have been blessed with two "Super" girls. :) In two days Alaina and Bella both experienced their first ER trips. Hopefully their last too! :)

Before she got hurt
Bella nine mos
Bella and mommy about an hour before she got hurt.
6/28/10 If you click on this pic twice you will see the part where she detached. It's attached here, but thats the part in between her two upper front teeth.

My sweet angel :)