Friday, July 9, 2010

Figure 8 races

On Tuesday, I took the girls over to Jason and Ian's and we went swimming. It was a great day for it, since it was in the 90's again.

Then Matt and I went with some friends to the Big Butler Fair to watch the figure 8 races while the girls were with gram. Thanks again Kathy!

Figure "8" Racing is a form of action racing developed a few years ago using compact cars to enhance the excitement for drivers and spectators. This form of Figure 8 race, is held in front of the grandstand on the racetrack in a minimum area of 45 feet wide by 100 feet long.

Speeds average up to 15 miles per hour and 5-8 cars are allowed on the track at one time. Drivers need to out-think and out-maneuver their competitors in order to win. It was very amusing to watch! Car 16 won the championship. Congrats!

After the races, we all walked around and visited the horses and spent a bunch of money lol! It was another fun day at the fair.

Mommy and baby horse