Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Fair Friday


On Friday, Alaina went with grandma to see Diamond, while Bella and I ran some errands. She talks about Diamond often and tells us, "When Diamond sneezes, I say bless you Diamy." It's so cute!

My lil cowgirl :)

Alaina with Diamond 7/2/10


Once everyone got back, we took Alaina to the Big Butler Fair while Bella went to grams. We met up with my brother and his gf Amanda. It was a lot of fun.

Amanda and I rode rides with Alaina, while the boys looked at the motorcycles. Matt even climbed the rock wall, or shall I say attempted to climb it ;)The Clarks were playing too. It was a wonderful day at the fair.

Alaina and mommy at the Big Butler Fair 7/2/10
Alaina in the 7Up car 7/2/10
Petting animals
Matt climbing the wall at the fair 7/2/10
Cotton candy is yummy!
Riding the roller coaster with Amanda 7/2/10
Alaina and daddy
Alaina at the fair
Justin and Amanda
I'm going to be up ALL night haha!
She actually rode this one with some other little girls. I was so proud of her.