Monday, July 5, 2010

June 28-29th 2010

On monday we went out and enjoyed the cooler weather at the park. I wish we had more days like these. It was only in the 70's, which is uncommon for mid-summer, but we weren't complaining.

Then it was off to the doctors and Children's as mentioned in an earlier post. Bella is doing so well now. You would never have thought anything happened.

Bella and I came home to Alaina and daddy putting together her mustang. Her Uncle Johnny and Aunt Annette got it for her before she was born.

Alaina took it out for a spin yesterday, but was afraid to put her foot on the gas pedal, because it's much faster than her lil quad. She will get the hang of it.

Alaina and daddy putting her mustang together 6/28/10
Helping daddy build her Mustang :) 6/28/10
Thank you Uncle John and Aunt Annette!
Alaina's license plate
Bella liked it too
7/1/10 Backing up lol

On tuesday, I took the girls over to Jason and Ian's house. They decided to put up a pool, which made things much easier. Thier grandparent's pool was awesome as well. The water was a bit chilly, but that didn't stop the kiddos from going in lol.

Ian and Alaina 6/28/10
Alaina baby 6/28/10
Bella enjoyed watching 6/28/10
Ian and Alaina
Alaina with the boys
Alaina with her buddy Ian

After Jason and Ian's house, we all went over to my Grandma Durcis' house to see my cousin Shannon and her family from NC, and to eat dinner.

I was super excited to finally meet my second cousin Easton, and it was Shannon's first time meeting Bella. Easton is so cute and cuddly.

The kids had a blast running around and playing in gram's yard . My grandma seemed very happy to have all of her grandkids and great grandkids there, which made me happy. It was a very nice tuesday.

Easton 2.5 mos
They adore Easton :)
Bella and Shannon 6/29/10
She melts my heart
Bella with her great grandma Durci 6/29/10
Ethan 5.5yrs, Alaina 2.5yrs and Dom 4 (6/29/10)
Alaina and Easton

Bella with great gram Durci
Bella with her 2nd cousin Shannon
Bella with Amanda
Shannon, Alaina and Dom playing in grams yard 6/29/10
Dom 4 and Alaina 2.5yrs 6/29/10
Easton 2.5mos
My cousin Shannon with Easton 6/29/10
Dom and Alaina 6/29/10
Charlie with his son Easton 6/29/10
Shannon, Charlie, Dom and Easton 6/29/10
Shannon with her baby boy
Bella 9 mos. Easton 2.5 mos 6/29/10
My girls
Bella and Easton
My girls :)