Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alaina's room is one step closer to being done!

Trying out the new carpet

Yesterday, Bella turned 10 months old! Also, Alaina got carpet in her new room and I ordered my camera! It was a great day :)

We are getting the livingroom's carpet next week. I'm so excited! It looks great, even if the room is painted BRIGHT green lol!

I wanted Alaina to have a part in remodeling her new room, so I allowed her to pick the color.

After showing her many colors and Ethan trying to get her to pick bright orange, she kept going back to that "lovely" green, so that is what my baby got :) It's starting to grow on me or shall I say overcome me lol.

After the carpet guy was done, both girls tested it out by rolling all around. It wasn't long before Alaina starting bringing in her toys and making that room hers :) She said, "Mommy I love MY room." I was so happy for her.

Then she told Bella how this was her room and the other room is hers. It was so cute! I made sure she knew that Bella was allowed to play with her in there and that I got her bunk beds, so she could have slumber parties with, sissy, Ethan or whoever she wants. She was thrilled to hear that.

Today the mattresses came in and early next week her bunk beds will arrive. We are going to work on the closet and touch up some areas that were created when the carpet was installed. I knew we should have waited to do that lower trim. Oh well

I just got back from a much needed girls night out. My friend hosted a Premier Jewelry party. I never went to a jewelry party before, but it was a lot of fun. Can't go wrong with looking at nice jewelry, enjoying some yummy dips and drinking Sangria.:)

I ended up booking a Premier party myself for October 29th, so Kate could earn more jewelry. My Premier consultant will be mailing invites later on. She is such a sweet easy going woman, so come and join in on the fun. If you know me, then you know there will be plenty of snacks and I'm going to try making some Sangria myself. Kate's was addicting. :p

As you can see in the pics below the girls were having a blast on the new carpet. :)

She loves her room so far!

7/20/10 The girls trying to lure Daisy into getting her bath lol!
Bella is 10 months!

Loving it!
Bella 10 months
Alaina's room so far
Love them!


7/21/10 YAY! Bella is 10 months today! 7/21/10

Trying to get Bella to clap with her :)

Loving up Daisy after her bath 7/20/10

Love this pic