Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip home from camp and then to the ER

We had a wonderful camping trip as you saw in the pics. I could have stayed a few more days, but it was time to go home on Sunday.

After I made everyone breakfast, cleaned up and got everything packed, we were off. If only the way home was as wonderful.

First off, after about ten minites into our drive home, I realized I forgot my phone back at camp, so we had to go back and get it. The good thing about my forgetfulness was that there was a fox eating our left overs we sat out before we left. It's not the greatest pic, since it's zoomed in from our car, but it's in between the two trees.
Fox eating corn

We decided to go out to eat at Hoss's, which was really nice, but quickly after Alaina wasn't feeling too good. She asked to go to the bathroom often, which scared me, but I thought maybe it was the long trip home and she was trying to find reasons to move around.

After dinner, we stopped at Living Treasures and Alaina needed to go to the bathroom once again. This time she started screaming in pain and asked to get a bath. RED FLAG!

She was having the same UTI symptoms she had a couple months ago. :( I felt so bad for her and ended up leaving before we bought tickets. I called the dr right away and gave her some tylenol for pain.

The dr advised me to take her to the ER, since it was sunday and they would be able to get a urine specimen and treat her right away. My baby girl would shake and scream each time she had to go, which was often. It was just horrible!

Luckily, the ER had the nicest play area for kids, so that helped distract her mind from the pain for awhile. By this time the Tylenol was kicking in, because she was giggling away until she had to go to the bathroom.

The ER dr said that it will take a couple days to get the culture results, but she does have a UTI and treated her with antibiotics. He said that this needs to be followed up by her dr. and that further testing by a urologist is needed now that she's had more than one already.

Alaina may have problems with her ureters or kidneys, so please keep her in your prayers. Thank you so much.

The dr called me this morning and told me that he would talk to me more about getting images of her kidneys and ureters soon and we may have to get more testing at Chilrens also.

Alaina is feeling a lil better today. She's not screaming as often, but is still complaining of burning. I just hope everything comes back normal and that she doesn't have anything seriously wrong. A mom's job can be so hard at times like these. God Bless Mothers!

My baby's first time at the ER and hopefully last time. 6/27/10
The tylenol kicked in :)