Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pool Tuesday

Bella's first time in pappy's pool.

Yesterday we were lead to believe it was going to rain all day by the wonderful weatherman. Once again he was wrong, so after awhile of nice weather we ended up going to my dad's house to go swimming.

This was Bella's first time in a big pool. She LOVED it! I never saw a baby who loves the water more than her. I thought she was going to scream when I put her lil feet in, but she just kicked them back and forth as if she was in the bathtub.

Alaina on the other hand did the screaming at first. It was a bit chilly, so I was right there with her, but Ethan was determined to get us in there with him.

Plus, I didn't drive almost an hour to just sit on the edge, so I sucked it up and jumped in. Burrrrrrrrr!
With Alaina at pappy's 6/15/10
Alaina saw a bug
With my nephew and girls 6/15/10
now she's happy
Ethan looks so funny with those goggles lol 6/15/10

I had to carry Alaina for awhile until she was ready to go in her raft. Once they were both in their rafts, we were then able to our day in the pool with Ethan.

Bella's first time in the "Big" pool. 6/15/10
Not ready dad lol
Alaina and mommy
Bella and Ethan