Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer camp trip 2010- Day 2

Family trip to the Kinzua Bridge 6/26/10

On day two of our camp trip, Kelly and I made breakfast for everyone. Justin arrived shortly after, which was awesome. Alaina was talking away to him. I think it's because she's seeing him more. It's so cute hearing her call him "Uncle Justin".

Bella with Aunt Kel
Taking a nap :)
Kelly and Bella 6/26/10
Pappy with his grandkids 6/26/10

Chilling in the camp
Pappy with his grandkids

Bella 9 mos
Alaina with her pappy
pappy with his grandkids 6/26/10

Once we were all dressed and ready, we drove up to Kinzua Bridge, or shall I say what's left of it. The 329-acre Kinzua Bridge State Park is in McKean County and features remnants of the 2,053-foot railroad bridge (viaduct) that was a National Engineering Landmark. A tornado has knocked down much of the bridge.

Walking down to the Kinzua Bridge
Justin with his neices 6/26/10
Kinzua Bridge 6/26/10
Bella with U. Justin
Kelly and E scoping out the bridge 6/26/10

Kinzua Bridge
Kinzua Bridge 6/26/10


What do you call this pappy? 6/26/10

The men watching the documentary on the Kinzua Bridge haha


We really enjoyed ourselves learning about the history of it and what they plan on doing in the near future to utilize what is left of the Kinzua Bridge.

Afterwards we went for icecream. That ice creams store has the hugest cones! I wish I knew a small was as big as a large or I would have gotten a baby size. Here are some pics of our small ice creams. Alaina and Ethan shared one lol.

Dad eating ice cream
Can't forget about Bella
Justin eating his small cone!
Kelly eating her small ice cream
Ethan and Alaina with their birthday bash ice cream. 6/26/10

When we got back to the camp we cooked out, made smores, did fireworks, took more quad rides, placed left overs out,hoping to catch a bear or other wildlife on my dad's camera,and had some good laughs watching SNL. It was another great day up camp.

Bella with her Uncle Justin
Matt taking Alaina for a quad ride 6/26/10
Bella checking out the sparklers
eating smores
Mommy's lil firecracker :) 6/26/10

E with his sparkler
lighting sparklers 6/26/10

Bella baby

Alaina's loving it!