Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday at the pool

It was a great day with Jason, Ian and my girls. After lunch we went over to the boy's grandparents' house to go swimming.

Mr. and Mrs. Tiegel live in this cute neighborhood that has a really nice in ground pool. They are the sweetest people. Everytime we see them, they greet us with hugs and kisses and ask how we're doing. It feels great to have people who genuinely care about you like them.

I was SO proud of Alaina. Normally she sticks to me like glue, when we're in the pool, but today was a whole different story.

First off, the pool felt amazing! It was so warm unlike my dad's pool last week. Of course the boys jumped right in. :) They were having a blast jumping in the pool and what not.

After watching Jason and Ian having so much fun in the pool, Alaina agreed to give the floaties a try. The last couple times she just went in the raft, so she could get used to the water.

Today my baby was no longer a baby. Once she got used to the floaties she was off! :) I never saw her this comfortable in the water before and it was awe-inspiring, watching Alaina be so courageous.

Bella baby just floated around in her raft for awhile. Then she was ready for her nap and fell asleep in the stroller by Mr. Tiegel.

Jason and Ian are so great with my girls and were trying to teach Alaina how to swim. We took turns calling Alaina over and there she was paddling her way over to each one of us with the biggest smile. I couldn't be prouder.

I was in such a rush this morning that I totally forgot my camera, :( but I do have the mental picture of my girls on this beautiful day and I shall cherish it forever :)

We are going back next week, so I will be sure to get some pics :) I'm really looking forward to taking the kiddos now that Alaina enjoyed herself so much that she asked if she could go swimming in the bathtub lol.

I feel blessed to have wonderful people in my life. Thank you to everyone who had a positive influence on our life. I'm done allowing people or things to get me down. I'm going to enjoy my life with people and things who bring joy to it.

This life is mine and it's going to feel so good to worry about what makes me happy for a change. I'm done trying to get other's approval and allowing people/things to get me down. My life is in God's hands and tell me one person who can change that. Goodnight everyone :)

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson