Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slumber Wednesday

Ethan, Bella and Alaina.

Wednesday it rained all day. I mean ALL day! I did get some more housework done and while Bella took her nap, Alaina and I did some crafts. craft time How can that be comfortable lol! 6/9/10 6/9/10 What is going on in this pic lol!

Then my nephew Ethan came for the night, which the girls LOVED! My house was filled with laughter and giggling. It was as if the sun was shining in my house :)

6/9/10My girls with their cousin, Ethan.

Ethan loves the pizza place down the road, so we ordered "his" pizza, breadsticks and rented Alice in Wonderland. Very odd yet amusing movie.

Surprisingly the kids fell asleep by 10pm. I think it was all the dancing and wrestling beforehand ;)
I have a couple of JB fans :) Ethan said he only dances in his undies lol!

Thursday we went to the park and got lunch before we had to take Ethan home. No rain! YAY! :)

She's so funny
Alaina and Ethan