Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer camp trip 2010- Day 1

Ethan and Alaina loving it 6/25/10

This weekend we went to our family camp up north. The camp is very rustic. No running water or an indoor potty, but we love it that way! We find it fun roughing it out.

It takes about almost three hours to get there from my house, so we had to take a few rest stops for the girls. Surprisingly, the they slept most of the way. I thought they would fuss or get bored, but that wasn't the case, which was a great start to our camp trip.

We were greeted by Ethan storming out of the camp with the biggest smile on his face. It wasn't long before he started asking Uncle Matt when he will get a ride on the quad. Shortly after we unpacked he got his wish. :)

Pappy kisses

Bella's first time at camp except when she was in mommy's belly :) 6/25/10
I will always look up to my daddy :)

Patiently waiting her turn 6/25/10
They are ready Matt
6/25/10 Bella and pappy
Taking E for a quad ride back the trails 6/25/10
Alaina being Alaina :)

Sadly, Matt soon realized that his quad tire was low on air, so Matt and I took a trip up to the nearest town to get one along with a few other things, which included two 16 oz Delmonico steaks for my dad and him. My sis and I prefer chicken ;)

We stopped at this one place that sold fruits, veggies and meats. Well Matt can't say no to steak and said that he felt a bond with the butcher, so he bought those $25 steaks lol! It's all about the bond with your butcher, so he says haha.

I guess they were worth it, because my dad couldn't stop raving about how good his was. Matt was in the zone. He doesn't talk when he's at one with his steak. ;)

Matt and dad eating their steaks 6/25/10

After dinner we went out for ice cream down the road. It's tradition that we go at least once every camp trip. We ended up going every day lol!

We ended the first night up camp taking quad rides, sitting by the fire and watching movies. Other than poor Alaina burning her lil hand on the hot part of Matt's quad, it was a wonderful first day of our camp trip.