Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random pics from last week


Last couple of weeks have been SOOO busy that I haven't been able to keep up on my blogging, so here are the pics I took :)

She loves her sissy :)

Fun Sunday

Bella playing
Alaina enjoying her new rug 7/12/10
They are so cute together
7/12/10 They had so much fun on their new "Magic carpet" :)

Alaina loved having her cousins over last Friday 7/16/10
Alaina, James and Becca

He adores her 7/18/10
7/18/10 Peek-A-Boo!
Ethan and Bella
Ethan, Kel and Alaina 7/18/10
7/18/10 Trying to catch her standing, but as soon as I took the pic, she lost her balance. Not much longer :) 7/18/10
Bella 7/18/10
7/18/10 Enjoying the morning sun
Love her!
Bella baby
My adorable nephew 7/18/10
Two fawns in our backyard 7/18/10

On Sunday Matt went downstairs and the next thing he knew the basement was filled with smoke! The week before he was cleaning up the kitchen and forgot that he had the water running to mop the floor. Well, water was all over the floor and some must have got into the downstairs light.

When Matt took down the light, there was water in the bowl, which boiled and caught fire when he turned the light on. How scary is that!?! Thanks God he was there to catch it or who knows what could have happened.

After that whole incident, we decided to go swimming at my dads', because the whole house smelled like smoke. :( I'm just glad everyone is safe!

Swimming at pappys'


Chelle said...

Such adorable photos! I love them all!

To answer your question on what editing program I use, I am using Photoshop Elements. I use a lot of premade action sets--I actually blogged about one site last week--I use her all of the time! She's fabulous :)

Email me if you have any questions or anything--I would love to help you with anything! xoxo