Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

On the 4th we had a picnic before we all went downtown for the fireworks. We try to go down every year. Once you see the PGH fireworks, you're hooked lol. Plus Phil Vassar was playing also! "Just another day in Paradise" :)
Ethan 5.5yrs 7/4/10

Alaina 2.5 yrs 7/4/10
Give me that cupcake lol
Landon and Bella 7/4/10
Justin catching up on some zzz's from the night before.
I'll Take That As A Yes!

Phil Vassar singing before the fireworks 7/4/10

Phil Vassar singing before the fireworks
PV 7/4/10
PV 7/4/10
PV 7/4/10

PV 7/4/10
Phil Vassar

Landon 6.5mos
Landon with his Great Uncle Matt 7/4/10

Bella was a lil scared at first, but then embraced the pretty lights in the sky :) Alaina took turns bouncing from one lap to another watching with amazement.
Bella's first time watching fireworks

Ethan enjoyed them for the first fifteen or so minites, then went on to other things. Probably because he got spoiled with fireworks the night before too. Over all, it turned out to be a fireriffic 4th of July :)

Alaina and E watching the fireworks
Alaina with her Grandma Daily and Grandpa Ross 7/4/10
Happy 4th of July baby girl! 7/4/10
Alaina with her Uncle Johnny 7/4/10
With Gene Simmons look-a-like 7/4/10
Bella and Mommy
Love her!
Alaina, Ethan and Bella downtown for the 4th
Who me?
Mommy's lil sparkler
My lile firecracker :)

Bella with mommy downtown
Loving it!
7/4/10 Alaina with her Uncle Johnny
watching the fireworks
Waiting for the fireworks
Anne with Gene Simmons look-a-like
E being silly lol!
Bella's 1st 4th of July 7/4/10