Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visit With Santa

Today we took the kiddos to see Santa. First Matt and I tried taking them to the mall we usually go to, but for some ODD reason he's no longer there! :( I felt so bad, because Matt will be gone for a week and we usually go as a family. We are going to try Kraynaks again when he comes back, but today we decided after dropping off daddy, we'd go visit Aunt Kelly and then drive up to another cute place with them.

 Visiting with Aunt Kelly and Ethan

I'm glad that we did, because the kids had so much fun. Bella was in heaven when she saw all the babies and dogs waiting in line with us. It wasn't nearly as cold as the other time we went and ended up leaving, because Alaina was too young to stand in that cold air. It's such a cute little place though. They have this little cozy house decorated with a lit up tree walkway and inside looks just like what Santa's house would look like.
Pic I found online of the house in the winter

 Waiting to see Santa
 Bella loves her Aunt Kelly
 It's our turn!
Bella loved petting the doggie

Alaina was filled with questions on the way home like, "Why didn't Santa have a pillow or blanket?" "Where does Santa sleep?", "Does Santa's reindeer hide in the back or do they come pick him up?" The joys of parenthood. :)

Alaina ran right up to Santa and told him that she wanted, "Charm School barbies."

Bella didn't care for him again this year, but did talk to him while I held her. She wanted, "Babies."

Ethan even went up to him! He told us that he didn't like him, because of his beard lol. I think after seeing Alaina and Bella, he decided to give it a try. I'm so glad that he did, because he had the biggest smile on his face after telling him that he wanted, "A DS."

It turned out to be a wonderful Santa visting experience after all!


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm glad it went well! We go to that Santa house every year. My dad used to fill in for Santa several years there!

Ashley said...

It is a really cute place. Kelly don't live too far from you!