Friday, December 9, 2011

Photoful Friday

I'm slowly catching up here, so today I am going to go through my folders and just post what I haven't included in the previous posts. I have much more folders lost somewhere in my computer that I need to find still. If you have any advice where I could look, please share! I know they are there somewhere, because the space is still being used on my computer. Thanks!

Then I will be post the days I still have yet to write about like, my daughter's birthdays, Halloween and what not. Enjoy! Have a photorific Friday!

Bella's 1st hair/bang cut 11/11/11

 Enjoying the horse gram got her

 Playing grocery store

 Bella's new kicks

 Our future hockey player 11/4/11

 Bella's 1st pair of hockey skates daddy got her

Ethan rowed them on the swing using a broom lol

 Enjoying the beautiful day before Ethan's party begins

 Ethan is 7! 11/6/11
 The Birthday Boy

 Opening the telescope pappy got him

 Loving all his gifts

 Happy 7th Birthday Ethan! We love you! 11/6/11

 Opening gifts

 Make a wish!

 Bella and Landon
 Enjoying Ethan's bday cake

 Adorable Landon 11/6/11

 With my Great nephew Dustin

 Dustin with his Great Uncle Matt 11/8/11

 Alaina loves her Aunt Annnette

 Waiting for Ethan's party to begin

 Alaina meeting her cousin Dustin for the 1st time. 11/8/11

 Alaina dressing up

 Ethan's 7th Birthday party 11/6/11

 I can see again! 11/11/11
 Showing off her bangs lol!

 Alaina and Bella



 My gram was really surprised!

 Bella and daddy waiting for the birthday girls

 Landon being tickled by his Great Uncle Matt 11/6/11


 My girls <3

 Surprise 70th!

 11/12/11 With my Gram Durci

 She wanted me to take a pic with us wearing our "lipsticks" haha


 Gram with four of her sisters

 Aunt Deb and Uncle Dave

 Alaina ready for grams

 The birthday twins

 Blowing out candles

 The cake lol!

 Gram and her twin opening thier gifts

Bella with her cousin Rowdy 9/18/11

 My gram with her son and daughter

 Love my gram!

 With my Aunt Deb 11/12/11

 Aunt Angie, Clay and Gram on her birthday

 Alaina with her Great Aunt Deb

 With my big girl

 Gram's brother Ron being goofy lol

Bella with her Great Gram on her 70th Birthday 9/18/11

 Alaina with her Great Gram on her 70th Birthday 9/18/11

 Grandma Durci with three of her great grandkids 11/12/11

Bella with her Great Aunt Deb

My lil cupcake
Enjoying her barbies after school
Silly girls

Love them so much!

My girls!

Bella and Lily. So cute!
Stef's dad showing Bella Lily

Bella found a way to fit all those babies in Lily's swing lol
Dylan the Birthday Boy 11/19/11
Some of the kiddos
Opening gifts
Alaina being silly

Make a wish!
Happy 7th Birthday Dylan!

Sidney is back!
Yes I did take pics of my tv screen lol!

That's right folks! I'm back!

Looking at Christmas books. Never thought they'd get more excited over the decor sections lol!
This guy is thrilled to have Sidney back lol!

Alaina's preschool pics

She melts my heart

 Ethan being cool lol

Dyed my hair red! 10/26/11

Truly blessed!

LOVE this one

Love that "up to no good" look she has lol

Her eyes are so pretty
Birthday pics for fun

Don't ever give up, and you just might reach your goal :)