Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

On Thursday we got our tree. We were supposed to go cut one down last Tuesday, but it was raining, so we had to break Alaina's lil heart and tell her we would go on Thursday.

Matt helped his mom move on Wed. and there was still a lot more stuff to move before they had to take the truck back Thursday. It was a big mess. The truck battery died, the truck came to jump it and got stuck in the yard, tow truck came to pull other truck out of yard, so it could jump the 26 ft moving truck.

After that happened it died again. Turned out it was the alternator, so they had to wait for them to pick one up somewhere far then they could move. They are just lucky no one got hurt if the battery died again, while driving! As you can imagine they still had a lot to more to move, since they got a late start.

I couldn't bare to break her heart again, especially after the teacher told me how excited she must be, because she's been talking about it non-stop, so I told Matt he would have to break it to her. We came up with a plan that hopefully worked out for everyone...

We decided to wait until next year for the tree cutting experience, so Matt could get back to helping his mom and just go to Lowes again. Last year the needles fell off more than they would if you cut one down, so I'm praying that this isn't the case this year.

The girls had a blast riding in the cart and jumping around through the trees. It didn't take long til we found one, thanks to the freezing cold haha. Turned out to be a great tree picking evening and what better day to get your tree than the 1st day of December.

 Bella just wanted to jump in the trees lol!

 Alaina loved helping daddy

 So cute!
 I got this dad.

  Let the countdown begin! After we picked out our tree, the girls got to open the 1st door of the gingerbread house and enjoy thier little surprise. It was adorable to watch.
The girls got to start thier advent calendar.

Alaina also made a Santa countdown calendar at preschool today. Every day she adds another cotton ballto the matching number until he has a full beard. Then Santa is here!
So far the holidays have been so much fun. I am so excited to start wrapping the girl's gifts. They are going to be very surprised!


Kaci said...

Awhh what a good comprimise! Love the advent calendars, very cute!