Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hartwood Acres 2011

True reason for the season

We had a very nice weekend last week. On Saturday, we relaxed most of the day. Then we packed our hot cocoa, cookies and got a bite to eat before we went to Hartwood Acres. Matt thinks the lights are more pretty with snow on the ground, but that hour and a half wait was obsurd!

We made the best of it though lol! Thanks to Matt being his goofy self, the amusing people in the car ahead of us and my dad's hysterical talking picture txts he sent for the girls, it went by much faster.

Laughing at pappy's singing Santa message lol!

Enjoying some hot cocoa

Bella took a nap about a half hour before we got in, so she was good and ready to enjoy those lights with sissy. I'm glad we did go that night though, because those lights were beautiful and the girls loved it! Bella just continued to go wow!, look mommy, look daddy, awwww baby, awww bird, awww baby Jesus, wow look at that one sissy. It was so cute!

 Napping Bella

 We arrived!!!

 Happy Birthday Jesus! <3

 "Baby Jesus!"
 oooooh! aaaaaaaaaaah!

My fav. Didn't care for the location this year though.

 Do you think UPMC decorated thier own tree? haha

 Beautiful mansion

 My mom loved swans

 Love how the star turned out in this pic

 Loving the lights

 Alaina in awe

 Ho! Ho! Ho!