Monday, December 19, 2011

Visit to Rosebrook

Yesterday, the girls, Matt and I stayed up and made 70 ornaments for the Rosebrook residents. Alaina's Great Aunt Sandy started this very special tradition last year and this year Bella got to join in the fun! I was a bit hestitant taking Bella, but my prayers were answered! Wonderful is an understatement.

Having fun making ornaments

 Bella helped too <3
 Good job girls!

 She was so proud of her ornament :)

The girls were both soooo good. Bella is usually running all around, but she walked/strolled right along with the dogs and us, and handed out at least half of the ornaments. It was beautiful to see and from now on, I'm going to stop worrying about Bella being too young to go places, because she's been missing out. Those residents loved seeing Tanner, Tara and the girls, and it made me feel good that we could put a smile on thier faces.
Visit to Rosebrook

Tanner getting dressed up haha

Tara the adorable elf

That look is priceless!

Handing out ornaments



Bella was in heaven

 She loves those dogs!

Getting ready to knock on the door haha

She had so much fun!

Bella makes friends everywhere she goes lol

 After our visit to Rosebrook, we went out to lunch with Aunt Sandy and then stopped at my dad's to see his fake tree! Never thought my dad would go fake lol! He said he'd never do that, but I guess times have changed haha. It still looked nice and the girls loved seeing their pappy.
Being silly at pappys
The girls by pappy's tree


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Cute pics! I bet that makes their day!