Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I'm a little late, but Happy Thanksgiving! I love turkey day! I think we should have more turkey days. This year the girls and I had a lot of fun making turkey decorations and Alaina got to have a Thanksgiving feast at her school. 
 Bella with her handmade turkeys :)
 Alaina with her handmade turkeys
 We made use of those leftover pumpkins

 She loved it!
Wearing her handmade turkey shirt she made for her feast at preschool.

On Thanksgiving, I've been making it a tradition to make my wonderful family a Thanksgiving breakfast. This year Alaina said grace.We then went around the table saying what we are thankful for. It was so cute hearing the girl's answers.

Alaina was thankful for, "Flowers, so she could pick them for mommy." Bella didn't really understand the question, so I rephrased it, asking her what she loves a lot, and Alaina jumped in and said, "Bella you love babies." She agreed haha. Matt said, "For my family." I said, "For my wonderful husband and my two beautiful girls." It was a nice way to start our Thanksgiving.

After we ate and got cleaned up, it was off to my Grandma Ross's house. I look forward to holidays, even though it's a bit crazy, ok ok very crazy, it's the time you get to visit with the family members you may not see on a regular basis. The girl's always have a blast playing with all the kids. Plus my gram gives the best hugs! :)

 Bella adores Baby Lily
 My sister with her son Ethan

 Dylan, Ethan and Kelly
Alaina is ready for some turkey!

 Bella also loves her Uncle Justin :)

 My Aunt Kathy with her granddaughter Lily

 Love my grams <3
With Bella, Ethan and Kelly
This year my other gram had Thanksgiving dinner a couple weeks earlier, so we went to Matt's oldest brother's house. As you can see the girl's love it there. They get all loved up by their Aunt Netsy and gram. It was a very nice Thanksgiving I must say. I hope that everyone else had the same. Much love!

 Alaina with Landon
 Bella with Landon
 They loved being tickled by thier Aunt Annette

 Matt, Bella and Dustin

 Bella got her baby fix today

 Baby Dustin smiling for the camera haha

 My sister-in-law and her beautiful family

 Marcus loved grabbing Alaina's nose

 Look at that cute face!

 So cute!

 Marcus with his Uncle Matt

 Alaina with her cousin Marcus

The girls with their cousin Marcus


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

It was good to see you! Cute pictures. I'm glad you had a nice day!