Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Last Saturday didn't go as to planned. It was as if friday continued into Saturday. Things just went up and down all day. Blah!

Anyways, we were hoping to take the girls to an Easter egg hunt at the mall by Matt's work, but the weather was miserable, so I thought I'd stop at this kid's sale going on at this church up the street. It was raining harder and luckily I found out that they only take cash before I went. I was kinda rushing because it was half off day, so I knew it would be packed.

Well, my rushing caused me to back right into Matt's new truck! I was devastated. Matt heard it from the kitchen and came running out. My car was fine, but his bumper went in a little. Thankfully, Matt was able to pull it back out. I said sorry over and over and he just shook his head and went into the house. I actually thought he handled it well, but I guess he didn't, because when I came back from my retail therapy, the whole kitchen was cleaned up!

I was a bit surprised and just looked at him with a confused look. Then he came over and gave me a big hug and apologized for being short with me. I mean he's always nice to me, but that was unexpected. lol! Reminds me a few years back when he got me a dozen roses on his b-day. I mean who does that? He said that I was his b-day gift and that my smile made his day. He is definately my Godsend.

That part was great and I got a lot of great deals for the girls, but then while looking up different ways to dye eggs, we found out that hard boiled eggs only last 5-7 days. I honostly never knew that! We usually dye them a few days before Easter, but I didn't know why. Now I do, so we are planning on doing them friday night now.

Even though none of our plans worked out, we did enjoy being together at home. It was another lazy Saturday, well not all that lazy. I cleaned up the house, played with the girls, watched movies and made chicken parmesan over three cheese tortellini. It turned out great. I will have to make that again.

Sunday, our plans to go up to Matt's Aunt and Uncle's cabin for dinner went much better than planned. The girls were so excited to go on our lil road trip to see thier loved ones and all the dogs! Everytime I asked Bella if she wanted to go see the doggies, she would do this,


"Do you want to go see the doggies?" lol

We were greeted with an egg hunt for the girls, Easter baskets and a BEAUTIFUL Easter plate gift for me! It brought tears to my eyes how wonderful they are to us. Matt spoils me but them to? We are so blessed to have such wonderful family members. Thanks again Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou! We love you!

The girls had a blast looking for their eggs and candy. They gave each girl their own room, so they could take their good ol time and that's just what they did lol! With a lil help they found all of thier goodies and enjoyed eating and playing with them. Alaina and Bella got to have an Easter egg hunt after all! :)))



She loved it!


I found another one!

You found it!

"Aunt" Shirley helping out :)

So cute!

There's one on the bear!

She found the doggy one :)


Being shy lol

There's one behind the pillow!


I don't hear anything? The green ones had some green in them.:)

They had so much fun

After the egg hunt we joined his Aunt, Uncle and some other wonderful friends Jean and Shirley for dinner. Matt was taken away when he saw his favorite, HAM!!! and a birthday cake! He couldn't believe how much they did for us and they even celebrated his b-day.If anyone deserves it though he does. I was so happy for him.

Aunt Sandy also made him one of her beautiful, unique cards, which included a pic of me and the girls and him as a Pens hockey player. I loved it! God Bless You! You're too much <3

The beautiful card his Aunt Sandy made. She's so talented!

When we got done with our delicious ham dinner, sang Happy Birthday and visited for awhile, we took the girls down to see the doggies. Alaina even got to water the dogs. She was so proud of herself and still talks about how she's a big girl now. haha Of course Bella was in awe of her animals. I think she may be a vet or work at the zoo some day, because her love for animals is so much more than just a pet or a pat on the head. She gets sooo excited! I love it! It was a wonderful way to end our weekend.

Greeted by Tanner

and Tara

Bella with her daddy

Helping Aunt Sandy water the dogs

She did great!

Bella checking out the labs

Aunt Sandy reading Bella a story

Bella with her buddies Jean and Shirley

Bella with Jean and Shirley


Alaina got to put her daddy's candles on

The delicious cake their friend made for Matt

Love it!

Uncle Lou :)

Uncle Lou lighting the candles

Blowing out his candles

Alaina and SJ

Bella and SJ

 Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery, Today Is A Gift


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That is great that Alaina and Bella got to have an egg hunt! It looks like they had fun!