Friday, April 15, 2011

Shriner Circus 4/10/11

Last Sunday (4/10/11) we took the girls to the Shriner Circus. Matt's dad was a Shriner, so we prefer to go to this one and I told Alaina how the grandpap in heaven used to wear those hats. She giggled and said, "those are silly hats". I'm sure her grandpap got a chuckle up there haha.

This was Bella's first time, so I was super excited for her to see those elephants. (my fav part) I couldn't beleive how good they both were. There were moments of boredom, but for the most part they were lil angels.

Bella was clapping and dancing to each show and Alaina was such a great big sis by showing her sissy everything she thought was interesting. Thankfully we had nice people sitting around us, because Bella just loved holding the guys hand beside us and interacted with the people in front of us, beside us and we can't forget to say hello to the people behind us to lol! She would look at someone and say, "See" as she pointed at the performers below and they would politely respond. I love her outgoing personality, but we will definately have to keep and extra close eye on her lol!.

Other than my camera battery going dead right before the elephants, the circus was a lot of fun. I can't wait to take them next year! Afterwards I took the girls outside to play while Matt made a smorgasbord of food for dinner lol. He likes to do that sometimes. :) Gotta love him.

It was so nice and warm out! I wish this weather would stay rather this rollercoaster of temps we've been having. Make up your mind already!  When we came in from playing we enjoyed daddy's finger foods and watched a couple movies. What a wonderful way to end our beautiful warm Sunday.

Bella is excited !

Before the show

Clapping away

Alaina enjoying her toy

Wow! Look at that!

Couldn't leave Bella out and got her one to

Saying hello to her "friends"

Both of those girls get into that small box!


Spidey! Matt and I didn't understand the part when he beats up the villian. Couldn't he just throw a web at him or something other than punches and kicks?  Hmm...


We thought that Bella would fall to sleep as soon as we got into the car but,

We were so wrong lol!

But Alaina pie did :)


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad they had fun! Judging by the angle, we were sitting close to you!