Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday Matt!

On the 19th my hubby turned 29! One more year he will be the big 3-0! I think I'm going to have to rub it in by throwing him a big party next year haha. Matt said this was one of his better birthdays if not the best so far and I would have to agree.

As I blogged about in my last post, his Uncle and Aunt invited us up for a b-day dinner, which included an egg hunt, a special cake, great friends, thoughtful gifts and HAM! haha Matt LOVES ham, so that alone made his day.  

The following day he went out for wings with some guys from work and watched the Pens game. That's another favorite of Matts haha. Wings and ham :) His friend Mike even picked up the tab, which was extremely nice of him. Thanks Mike!

Then on is birthday birthday, he had to work, so I had a nice little b-day dinner planned for him. I made his request for HAM barbeque, pasta salad, green bean casserole and we had chocolate cake and peanut butter cup ice cream for dessert. His mom, sister, sister's fiance, my dad, sister, and Ethan came over to celebrate it. It was a nice way to end his special day or should I say days. He deserves only the best.

HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!!! You are the greatest person I know and I'm proud to not only call you the father of my children or my wonderful loving husband, but my best friend. We love you sooo much!

Bella wearing her Mustang sweatshirt for daddy's b-day

Love her!


The girls with their gram

Alaina giving daddy his gift from her and Bella

What is it?

The princess card Alaina picked out for daddy saying how he's her prince. :)

Bella and daddy

X-box party game to go along with the X-box 360 system I got him. They also got him a cookie jar, beef jerkey and sunflower seeds. The cookie jar was a joke, because he was teasing me for having two of everything else, but no cookie jar, so he got his cookie jar now :)

Ethan loves his Uncle Matt :)

"It even has cornhole!"

Getting a kick out of the pic his mom added to his card.

It's a pic of Matt when he was younger, wearing short shorts and a sailor looking hat lol!

Giving gram a pic she colored for her

Kelly had to hold Ethan back from blowing out the candles lol

Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish

Matt allowed them to help blow out the candles

One more!