Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Friday or Bad?

Yesterday wasn't one of those days that I would like to write about, but that's life! My morning started off with thinking and still wondering if I killed a robin that ran across the road. I didn't want to swerve or I would have definately killed it, so I just allowed it to go in the middle of my tires. I looked in my rear view mirror to see a helpless bird and wings flapping.

Then another car drove over it, but not on it, so I thought that may have still been too much for the poor thing. I called Matt and asked him to look for it on his way to work and he saw nothing and same thing with me on my way home, so I'm hoping that my prayers were answered and God spared the robin's life. :/

When I got home, I got Bella in the stroller, so Alaina and I could take a walk. Well, Dukie somehow squeezed his way out the door and I luckily lured him over with a peice of pepperoni, but he wasn't the only one that got out!

On our way home from our walk, I got a call from my neighbor asking if I was missing a little white chihuahua, because they caught him after seeing him running beside her car. Thank GOD they caught him! Doser isn't the smartest dog in our bunch lol! That was enough to put me in the nut house. I can't stand seeing animals hurt, so if something ever happened to my dogs, I would never forgive myself. :(

One of the good parts of the day was when my friend Jen came over with her son to give the girls Easter gifts. It's always nice to see good friends. My girls adore them! Alaina and Bella gave them hugs and asked them to spin them around over and over haha. It was cute to see. They even spoiled them with a bag full of goodies and a ton of candy lol! Thanks Jen and Cam! Have fun in Florida you lucky dogs. :)

Enjoying the coloring set Jen and Cam got them.

It turned out to be a nice day out, so I took the girls to the park. Well, after I let Alaina and her friend out to go on the swings I got Bella out. The next thing I knew Alaina ran over to ask me to push them on the swings and she accidently ran right into Bella knocking her head first into the pavement. I lifted her up to see a big goose egg and bleeding scrapes along her right eye. God help me now!

My poor baby :(

I think Alaina blamed herself, because she started crying and thought "Bella was going to die". I told her that she wasn't going to die, but we had to run back to the house real quick to clean up Bella's eye. Then she started crying some more and ended up peeing her pants. She hasn't peed her pants for like 8 months, so I didn't have a change of clothes for her and Bella's was a one peice outfit. Blah!

We ended our evening over at Matt's mom's house to celebrate his sister's 24th Birthday. Anne's b-day was actually yesterday on the 14th. She allowed Alaina to help her blow out her candles, which was really sweet and Bella had a blast feeding the cat and playing the piano with grandma. At least that part of our day turned out to be accident free. We came pretty close to a few, but thankfully no more bruises were added that night lol! Happy 24th Birthday Anne! Next year you will be celebrating it with your lil Marcus. :)
Anne is 24!
opening gifts

The scrapbook set we got Anne. Watch out Anne, it's addicting lol!

Feeding the kitty
You should see the other guy haha

Bella and daddy

Alaina hugging her future cousin
Alaina with her Auntie Anne
Again 4/15/11

Bella and gram

Future piano player haha

Bella playing the piano
Birthday cupcakes
Precious moment between mother and daughter :)

Bella and daddy

One more!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm sorry you had a rough day! I hope Bella is healing quickly...poor girl!