Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

For Labor Day, we had a picnic at my mother-in-laws'. It was a nice relaxing day with family and friends. I hope everyone enjoyed their day off as well. <3

Bella 11 months
9/6/10 Bella with mommy
Bella with gram
Girls playing
Bella with her Aunt Annette
Landon with his Uncle Matt
My adorable nephew Landon
9/6/10 Bella and Landon
Bella and Mommy
Matt with his brother Johnny
Bella and mommy
Sammie with her cute lil family
Annette with Bella
Bella and Chris
Bella and Eric
Landon w/his Great Gram
Alaina and daddy on Uncle Johnny's bike
Bella with Chris and Aunt Anne
Bella and Bunny
Matt wants a Harley SO bad :/
Sammie and Landon
Bella,Anne and Chris
Bell and Bunny
Did Bella eat something sour? lol