Friday, September 3, 2010

Corny Saturday :)


Last Saturday we went to a car show and a corn roast. Matt finally has his other baby on the road again, so we drove it up to his buddy's car show for a couple hours. It brought back some very fond memories, when Matt and I started dating.

Now, we will have many more with Alaina and Bella in the "Stang". They better learn how to drive a manual lol! I remember trying to learn on Matt's mustang and poor guy was sweating bullets haha.

At Joe's car show
Matt and Alaina posing by the "Stang"
Matt's other baby

After the car show, it was off to the corn roast. We met some wonderful people through my husband's aunt and uncle and boy do they know how to throw a party. You'd think they were in their 20's.:) They are the sweetest people and treat my girls as if they were their own.

The last corn roast I went to, Wilmer knew I was trying to get pregnant and he makes his own wine. Well, he told me that if I drank his wine, I'd get pregnant within the next few months!

After hearing that, I drank a glass of course and sure enough shortly after I found out I was pregnant! I steered clear from his wine this year though, no matter how many times he tried to give me some.;)

Then he tried telling me that I was sitting by the baby making fire haha! He cracks me up. :) The girls had so much fun playing and eating corn by the fire. It was a wonderful day for it too.
Wilmer's corn roast
Vicki LOVES babies :)
Alaina with her Great Aunt Sandy

Enjoying a hot dog
Bella and daddy
Alaina and Aunt Sandy

Raf and Bella
Enjoying some yummy food
Wouldn't be a corn roast without eating some corn
Alaina playing games
Alaina with her Great Aunt Sandy 8/28/10
Raf and Bella
Alaina and mommy
Love her