Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Canfield Fair

Harness racing at the Canfield Fair

Yesterday, we went with Matt's mom to the Canfield Fair in Ohio. My mother-in-law has been wanting to go for awhile now, so it was nice that we were able to experience it for the first time with her. I can't believe how chilly it got over night, but it still a lot of fun. Reminded me of the Big Butler Fair, but much bigger.

There were horses everywhere! Alaina especially loved the miniture horses. I was considering getting the girls one, but I heard you need at least 5 acres where we live and we have 3. Who knows maybe one day we will win the lottery and get a big farm lol. You never know ;)

We stopped to watch the harness racing. Matt placed a bet on horse #8 and my mother-in-law #5. Kathy's horse took second and she won $3! :) Hey it's better than nothing.

Alaina rode a bunch of rides. Did I mention that she rode all of them without mommy or daddy? As long as I found her someone to ride with, she was good to go. Actually, the one ride she rode all by herself. I was so proud of her!

Alaina amazes me. I never met a child as easy as her. She transitions well, loves her fruits and vegetables, uses her manners, is caring and is smart. Maybe Bella will be just like her sissy, if not that's ok too :)

After the fair we went out to dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening with Kathy. It was a wonderful Saturday. I'm glad we went.

The owner of the miniture horse allowed Alaina to her the rope. Canfield Fair 9/4/10
Canfield Fair 9/4/10

Abe Lincoln!
Bella chilling
At the Canfield fair

Alaina and mommy

With my sleeping beauties
At the Canfield Fair
Bella with gram
Matt with his mom and girls 9/4/10
Alaina riding the jeep ride
Riding the dragon rollercoaster.

She loved it!
Kathy's horse places second just like she bet it would!
The miniature horse show. So cute!