Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worn out Wednesday

Today was Matt's surgery. The hernia was bit larger than expected, so the doctor said there was some more "Pulling,tugging and digging" going on in order to get things back in place Eeeek! Other than the bruising it looks pretty good so far.

When the nurse asked Matt how he was feeling he replied, "I'm a bit upset that my bikini line will never look the same again, but other than that I'm fine." LOL! He thought it was neat that he had the surgery in one of Passavant's new operating rooms and to the music of the Beach Boys ;)

Matt has been resting since we got home, and his mom bought us dinner, which made my life so much easier. <3 They are calling for 3-6 more inches of snow tonight into tomm. Blah! At least I got my food shopping done yesterday. Be careful, for those who do have to go out in it.

*Yawns* Well, I'm going to get to bed. I've been up since 4:30am, so as you can imagine, I'm worn out! Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. Good night and drive safely tomorrow. God Bless <3

Snow, Snow Go Away! :)

2/24/10 My girls along with their toys would like the sun to come out :)
Sun,sun come our way!

Bella sporting some shades lol!
So cute! 2/24/10