Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter 2010

I can't believe all this snow!!! I was sliding all over the place on my way home from the gym today. The first blizzard was awesome, but now it's just too much! Matt is out making an ice skating rink! Not so sure how well it will work, but we shall see tomorrow :)

Here's a pic of our house on Valentine's Day. I think it looks pretty, but enough snow already!

Here are a few pics of the first blizzard this year. Feb.6th 2010

Alaina had SOOO much fun in the snow. She couldn't go anywhere unless daddy made her a path first, but that didn't stop her from enjoying herself. The pic of Alaina and daddy in the snow can also be seen on the severe weather pics on page 18.

Matt showing Alaina a "magic trick" lol

Where did you go daddy?

There he is! Lol!

Bella and me stayed nice and warm for the most part. I did go out for a little when Bella took her nap to take pics. :)