Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cuddleful Wednesday

So far, I cleaned house, did some laundry and just cuddled with my girls:) There is nothing greater than cuddling with loved ones while watching a movie and drinking hot cocoa. Matt took the Escape to work again, so we are kinda stuck here unless I want to go dig his Truck or Explorer out. I don't think so! I'm feeling much better than the past couple days. Right now the girls are both napping, which barely happens anymore, so I thought I'd add another post :)


As you may know today is the first day of lent and I decided to give up chocolate! If you know me like my husband then you will know how hard this will be for me :/ Then again there's no comparison to what Jesus had to sacrafice.
Looks yummy doesn't it?

Here are a few pics to go along with my Cuddleful Wednesday theme. Have you cuddled with someone today? Alaina cuddling with her bear 12/08


Matt(Bella's Godmother's hubby) also loves to cuddle with Bella :)10/18/09

Ethan with Bella 10/21/09

My dad was always a cuddler to :)11/13/09

Alaina loves cuddling with her Aunt Kel 2/5/10

Bella cuddling with her Godmother 11/1/09




8/28/09 Ethan cuddling with Alaina

Daddy loves to cuddle with his girls 1/11/10

12/24/09 Aunt Annette is a big cuddler!

Bella with her great Aunt Debbie T-giving 09
Grandmas like to cuddle to 8/28/09
Girls with Auntie Anne 12/20/09

Alaina cuddling with pappy up camp 8/23/09
With Uncle Justin and Amanda 12/27/09
10/18/09 Bella with Great Gram Ross and Tom
Great Gram Durci with Bella 11/13/09
ALaina with her Great Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou 12/27/08

Alaina cuddling with her Aunt T and cousins, Marina & Morgan 12/08
Bella with Uncle John 10/3/09
Alaina loves her cousin Boo 2/15/09
Alaina cuddling with her cousin, Matt 12/08
Alaina with her Uncle Rich 12/21/08
Alaina cuddling with her Godmother,Sammie 12/08
Alaina and E 9/08