Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

I just thought this pic was so funny. She's like did I do that? lol!

The girls had a blast with the V-day balloons. Bella was giggling when Alaina would pass them to her. I wish I got that excited over something like balloons lol

Bella really loves taking pics. She better with a picture happy mom like myself lol

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This will be my first blog of many lol! I've always wanted to have a blog, but until now haven't really had the chance. I'm really excited, because as you may know, I just love taking pictures and now I can have a place to express myself as well. Plus this will be a nice place my girls can look back on and see all the things we've done in the past. Thank you for being a part of it!

Valentine's Day is finally here! I had so much fun all week preparing for it with my girls. Every holiday is so much more fun when you are a mommy. That's my opinion anyways. They get so excited over the smallest things and it just makes my day to know that they are enjoying theirs.

Here's a pic from Feb. 2002. Can't believe we've been together for almost 9 years!

Matt took me out for a V-day dinner and a movie on Saturday, because we didn't want to deal with the wait and my sister was able to watch the girls for us. The movie Dear John wasn't what I was expecting. Reminded me of an updated version of The Notebook. Didn't matter though because it was sooo nice to get out just me and him. It's been forever since we had a date night. We go out with friends once in awhile but not just us. I felt like we were in HS again.

On Sunday(V-day) we made breakfast, watched Employee of the month, may I add that Jessica Simpson can't act! Then we put the girls down for their nap,took the girls out to dinner then Matt and I just cuddled the rest of the night in my new pink Snuggie he got me :) He also got me a pink and brown :)box of Russell Stover Chocolates after I asked him not to get me any sweets, because I'm trying to lose weight. I gave him this confused look, but when I opened it the chocolates were replaced with vegetables! I thought that was so clever and sweet that he was motivating me after all. I did have one peice though ;) I love him so much. He keeps me laughing that's for sure lol

I spent almost a month lookin for this part Matt can't find for his mustang. Who would have thought something that looks this simple could be so hard to find. Grrr...Poor guy been having one bad thing after another with that car, so I thought maybe I could find the part for him for V-day. I looked up the Vin and called, emailed and what not, but no luck :( I did find this one place who has the side he already has and I remember Matt saying even if he could find another left side, he could change a couple things to make it fit, so I surprised him with the same side. Hopefully, he can make it work now. He loves coke glasses and I found one with a handle on it, so I got him that, some candy, card,and V-day boxers that has a cow on the front and the back says, I'm a lover like no udder lol!

Alaina on V-day morning blowing kisses :)

Alaina just loved all the V-day gifts mommy and daddy got her. Thanks to my cousin's wife, she is obesssed with Strawberry shortcake now (Thanks Stef ;)and carries that lil doll everywhere, so we got her another Strawberry shortcake set, chocolate of course, ring lollipops, gummies, headbands, v-day shirt, red and pink gloves, V-day outfit and a homemade card from mommy. She was so excited when she saw her SS set! Then she called her new SS doll and her older one sisters and made them hug eachother. It was so sweet.

We got Bella a V-day dress, rattle, The Little Mermaid bubble book and a card made by mommy. She LOVED her rattle as you can see lol!

I loved this dress on her!

I love you Alaina and Bella!