Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just another Tuesday

My monday and tuesday were uneventful. I just didn't feel like doing much at all to be honost. This weather can be a Fibromyalgia sufferer's worst nightmare. My body just aches all over and the swelling causes me to have a horrible headache, which then causes blurred vision and dizziness off and on. Not fun at all. I know there are so many people who are worse off, but I'm just venting today.

If only fibromyalgia was the only thing I had going on right now. Then there's my back problems and this damn nerve that's trapped in my C-section scar tissue just tops it off among a couple other things. Every night I pray that I will awake a new and pain free person. Maybe one day :/ Even though I didn't feel up to doing much yesterday and today, that didn't stop me from taking pics of my beautiful girls. Here are a few :) God Bless!
This smile could brighten anyone's day :)

Yesterday, I asked Alaina what did she do to her doll, and she replied that her babydoll was sick. I'd say so lol!
She just loves those dolls!

My girls :)
So serious

Alaina was trying to get Bella to hold her Strawberry Shortcake doll lol!

Alaina sporting another bruise on the side of her cheek :( She was jumping on top of her potty chair and fell into the end table. I was at the gym, but Matt made sure he gave me the playback with sound effects and all :( I think I should wrap that girl in bubble wrap.
Bella is grasping toys like a pro now :)