Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day

We started our St. Patty's day morning with a leprechaun teasing us by using our bathroom and not flushing. How rude! Alaina was disgusted by the bright green water lol! Bella couldn't stop giggling and telling mommy that the leprechaun peed . It was cute.I made green pancakes, green milkshakes and sausage for breakfast. The kids loved it, esp the milkshakes :)

Then we took a trip to Lowes in our green attire to get some plants, flowers , new sandbox sand and stone for around the house. Alaina loves flowers, so she's been asking when we can plant our garden. Well, she got to pick a bunch of pink flowers and fruit bushes too. Bella picked some red and white ones. Luckily, we didn't plant all of them with the frost we had last night! 

After going out for lunch, that same leprechaun left green footprints all over the place outside, but that didn't stop my girls from finding his pot of gold. It was so cute watching them get excited over each footprint they found. I'm glad I caught it on my camera.

The following day we went over to Matt's moms' for a traditional Irish dinner consisting of corned beef and cabbage. His sister even made a St. Patty's day cake that looked and tasted awesome! What better way to celebrate our Irish heritage. It was a wonderful green-filled weekend or shall I say week, because the girls got St. Patty's Day care packages from their Aunt and Uncle earlier in the week. Then Alaina had a St. Patty's day party where she made leprechaun puppets, had another leprechaun scavenger hunt, made green bracelets and ate green cookies. Good times!

 Alaina made leprechauns in school and learned a leprechaun song, which she's singing here haha

Cutie patootie
 I followed this rainbow to a pot of gold. ;)

 Love her!

 Silly girls

Allowing her leprechaun to join in on the fun lol

 Looking for all the footprints

 Bella helping sissy find footprints

 C'mon sissy, let's look up here

 That leprechaun was up here too!

 There it is!

 That look is priceless!

 Look what I found!

 We have candy gold!

She's proud of herself for helping daddy dig the hole haha 

Anne's cake she made!

I went in to check on Bella and this is how I found her. She melts my heart. 

My Irish princesses