Friday, March 26, 2010

Bring in the Spring!

I want warm weather again! It was so nice last weekend and now it's 40F Blah! This weather is so hard on my body. Bring on the sun! :)

Wednesday, I took Duke to get his nails cut. It's a pain in the butt because we still go to the vet in Saxonburg. I drive an hour so I don't have to pay all the extra fees to have them transfer down here. If it were only one dog it wouldn't be so bad, but I have three chihuahuas. Eventually I will just do it, but right now I love it there and they take good care of my babies esp. my aggressive, territorial, alpha male dog (Duke) lol. He's my baby though.

My dad lives about 5 minites from the vet, so thankfully my sister watched the girls while I took him up. Matt had to work late, so I just visited with them for awhile. Alaina cherishes the time she gets with Ethan to. She talks about him all the time and asks to call pappy, Kelly and E to ask them to come play with her. It's so cute.:)

They love their Aunt Kel :) 3/24/10 Bella with Aunt Kel 3/24/10 Bella and Duke with Aunt Kel :)

Yesterday, I did the usual housework, picked up my glasses,which I didn't like so I'm going back next week to pick something else out. Then Anne met me at the gym to do Zumba. After that I was so sore that I just soaked in the bath and went to bed. When it's cold and rainy my body just aches so much more, so it was harder this time around. At least I didn't give up. I'm still sore today, but not as bad as last night.

Bella boo 3/25/10 Bella boo 3/25/10 Bella boo 3/25/10 Bella boo 3/25/10 Bella boo 3/25/10 Lani pie 3/25/10 3/25/10 Her eyes are so pretty :) 3/25/10 Bella don't know what to think lol

My sweet Bella :) 3/25/10

Today, I had to get those steroid injections along my C-section scar. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but he ended up doing two more since the needle wasn't long enough :/ He started moving the injection sites around and I told him how tender and swollen it feels all the time. He asks "Are you sure you don't have endometriosis?" I just wanted to scream!

I've seen him three times now and told him everytime what my OBGYN said about how the endo may be the reason for the tenderness and swelling. He said that the sharp pain is from the nerve trapped, so hopefully these injections help with that pain, but the doctor told me that I won't see a change for about 6 weeks if at all. Very reasurring!

Then he said that I need to go back to my OBGYN and tell her his thoughts on the endo being in the scar tissue and she will need to cut that out. Well, she already told me to tell him that! It's so frustrating at times, because the doctors say this and that, but I wish they would talk to eachother and come up with an organized plan for me.

Now I'm getting these injections that are probably useless since she's going to have to go in there anyways to cut out the scar tissue. Then what? I pray that God just heals everything and I awake a new person one day soon. *Sighs*

Anyways, when Matt got home from work we took the girls out to eat at J-Clarks. Then we took them to the mall hoping to see the Easter bunny but he won't be there until tomorrow, so we allowed Alaina to pick out a toy for her and Bella instead.

When we came home I got the girls in bed and Matt went to play hockey with my brother. Yes, that's what I said lol! He just had surgery a month ago and now that the doctor sent him back to work on full duty that gives my stubborn hubby the ok to play hockey :/

Now I am going to light some candles and have myself a glass of wine while watching Julia and Julia Then I'm off to bed. Poor Bella is teething, which is taking a tool on everyone's sleep. She has two on the bottom and one up top. I started putting baby orajel on her gums, so hopefully that helps. Well, Goodnight everyone

<3 My girls :) 3/26/10 Alaina checking out the Alice in Wonderland display 3/26/10 3/26/10 sleeping beauty 3/26/10 3/26/10 3/26/10
3/26/10 Before bed
3/26/10 Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister. ~Alice Walker

3/26/10 Bella's face is so funny
The girls before bed 3/26/10